Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Challenge Change, More Wedding, and Birthday Fun

Most of my quilting has been put aside for the wedding quilt. I knew when I set the challenge that it would pretty difficult to actually get all of that done and started to think of it more as a priority list or working list...meaning those quilts that I want "in my face" so they get finished.

The wedding plans are ramping up, which is good because it is coming up fast. Sunday, August 15th....6 1/2 weeks away. We're making lists like crazy and figuring out what we want to make and what we can/need to buy. It's so much fun, but rather all consuming! It's probably just as well they picked the date they did as I think if we had a few more weeks, we'd just be this busy/crazy for a few more weeks.

Rebekah's wedding quilt is in the hoop and underway...though with all of the other wedding planning it's been hard for me to really sit and focus on it. I hope to change that very soon. The plan is to have it done in time for the wedding, and I don't have that much time!

My birthday was yesterday and it was a lovely day. A bit cooler than it's been and not so humid, so I felt better than I have in a while. It was a quiet day overall, which was so nice. We went out for dinner to this nice little Italian place. We've lived here for 24 1/2 years and it's been here the whole time. We thought it was this little hole in the wall diner....boy were we wrong! We had a gift certificate to go there (Rachel's boyfriend gave us a bunch of different ones for Christmas that he got for really cheap off restaurants.com, thinking if we even used a couple he got more than his money's worth) and we are so glad we tried it. I had lobster ravioli and it was truly one of the best tasting things I'd ever eaten.

I had some birthday money to spend so we went shopping after dinner. I had been using an old keyboard because my cordless died (we've not had good luck at all with cordless keyboards) and I really wanted to replace it.

Much better! I'm still getting used to the slightly curved design, but it's quiet and wonderful to type on so I'm sure it will be old hat soon.

I also got a new pair of shoes for the wedding. Silver will go with any dress I choose and these are nice enough for the wedding but not so fancy they can't be used for other things.
Another thing I'd planned on getting for the wedding, but wanted also for myself to use here at home, is a nice water/drink dispenser. We were at a party last summer that had a water dispenser with fruit and herbs floating in the ice water. It was delicious and I would love to do that here occasionally. It will also be great for when we have friends over, just us and one other family can be quite a crowd so this 4 gallon container will allow me to make as much lemonade or punch as I think I need! The kids all pitched in and got this for me.
And Ruthie. She's in discovery mode...finding what things she fits in, how things work and what she is and isn't capable of doing. She's getting to be quite the chatterbox, though some of it is still hard to understand.
All that learning makes a girl tired! Her feet are 6 inches off the floor, how one sleeps in that position I'll never know!
So off I go, with errands to run and quilting to do, the day will be a busy one.
Happy Quilting!

Monday, June 21, 2010