Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The End is in Sight!

Yesterday was a roller coaster day. As I moved the quilt along, I thought that I had less to finish but found a spot where there was more blocks left than I anticipated.

A little dejected, but not daunted, I continued on only to find that there was only one small spot where there was extra blocks, and when I moved beyond it there were actually fewer blocks left to do than I thought.

As of last night, I'm on the edge blocks. I'm on the second one of them and plan to pound away until this one is finished.

I have a couple of smaller quilts that are basted and partially quilted, so I will pull out those and work on them when this one is finished. While digging for them in my large storage totes, I'll also choose the next several tops to be quilted and put them where they are accessible for marking and basting as I have the supplies to do so.

I've begun a list of projects to be worked on over the next few months. Mostly because I have a few things that need to be finished by the end of November/beginning of December and I want to have a nice list ready to choose from for the big hunting weekend, now only 3 short weeks away.

I LOVE hunting weekend, my next post will likely be all about it.

On my list for today are several chores. I have laundry going and dishes soaking, some picking up to do and some cleaning up in our bedroom. I hope to also squeeze in quite a bit of quilting. The binding is made for this quilt (as it is for all my tops) so as soon as the quilting is done I can bind it and send it to it's new home.

Ruthie's words are coming quickly now, though many still take some work to decipher, especially when they are new. She loves to "dwaw" (draw) and will spend quite a bit of time scribbling on paper. At first the movements were big and random, but now they've become smaller and more deliberate. With her birthday next month and Christmas the month after, we're scoping out different writing toys and tools as she not only enjoys them, but they are so good for her fine motor development.

If I expect to get anything done today, I'd better run. It's chilly in here as we're trying to keep our heat on low so a couple of quick chores and then a warm quilt in my lap for quilting is just the ticket.
Happy quilting!
Sue and Ruthie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Little Update and a Link

First, the link. Barb over at Ocean Waves Quilts is doing a giveaway with a wonderful prize! You have until October 22nd to sign up, so check it out and throw your name in the hat, she would love to hear from you!

Things have been busy here, our kids' youth group had their annual pumpkin launch so we spent the last week or so on final details, which means me being available at a moments notice to supervise flag making, power tool use and helping to solve little problems along the way. A wonderful time was had by all. Joshua's giant slingshot threw a pumpkin 460 feet, clearing the field they were shooting in, crossing the road (still pretty high in the air) and landing in the trees across the way.

Jonathan made a trebuchet with his friend, they are both 14. They did all of the work themselves, Jonathan even asked how to use the sewing machine and sewed his flags himself. Unfortunately the practice launches bent the axle holding the weight box and they were unable to do the official competition launches. After a few minutes of intense disappointment he was looking toward next year and what they could do to make the machine stronger to try again.

What quilting time I've had has been spent on the strip quilt, which is coming along nicely. I'm really hoping to have this one finished in the next week or so. I have a couple smaller quilts basted and partially quilted so I think I'll pull those out and finish them. The posy quilt will also get more attention once this one is finished.

It's a chilly, rainy day here, perfect for quilting. I went grocery shopping this morning and have a few quick chores to do and then I should be able to relax and quilt for a good part of what is left of the day.

The house smells like cinnamon, a friend brought me a starter for Amish Friendship Bread and I baked it today. I don't have anyone who wants them, so I'm going to keep it going here and make different versions of the loaf cake style recipe and will also use some to make sourdough bread. Ruthie is in a snuggly mood today and was walking around with this quilt wrapped around her.
Any length of time without Ruthie chatter will probably result in the picture on the right. If she's tired she has no problem settling in somewhere comfy (or not so comfy!) and taking a little snooze.
While I'd love to take a nap today, I know doing so will mean having trouble sleeping tonight. I'm going to get those chores done and hopefully moving around will renew my energy a bit so I can quilt without it putting me to sleep!
Until next time,
Happy Quilting!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Not Much New

There isn't much new around here. The quilting is rolling along, with 3 more posy blocks done and quite a bit of hand quilting on the strip quilt. When that one is finished, I have a stained glass style quilt that I started to quilt on a while back that I will pick up and finish.

Our oldest bought her first car, a truck actually, and that eased up our driving difficulties until our son's old truck broke down a few days later. After two weeks of trying to fix it, I think they are giving up and he's going to look for a new old truck to buy, LOL. So getting everyone where they need to be is complicated again until then.

Our van may be beyond hope, which is NOT good news at all. The boys haven't given up, yet, but don't really have any idea where to go from here.

I'm enjoying the cooler weather and doing more hand quilting. I'm cold in the evenings so a big quilt on my lap while I had quilt is just the ticket. Tonight the baseball playoffs resume, so that means a few more baseball games (good hand quilting time) over the next few days.

In thinking of the posy quilt this morning, it sunk in that I only have a few more leaves and then the next block is done and there are only 3 more blocks left after that. I haven't worked on these since last week, and now the thought of being able to put the blocks together and test out my celtic idea is making me want to get going on them in spite of really wanting the strip quilt finished.

Hunting season is only a few weeks away now and our 16 year old daughter will be accompanying my husband and two older sons this year. Hunting weekend is the weekend before Thanksgiving and they leave on Thursday afternoon and come back Monday night.

Over the years, hunting weekend has meant different things to me. Ruthie was born the week before hunting weekend one year so only our oldest went. We spent hunting weekend going back and forth to the hospital, and bringing her home on Sunday. We painted the girls room once on hunting weekend, and the boys room another year. Mostly, though, it's a sewing weekend for me. We make easy food, watch movies, and do as little work as possible. It's like a mini-retreat, because I have fewer people to feed, fewer people in and out, and fewer people around to make messes.

I haven't decided, yet, what I'll be working on that weekend. I might try to get some batting and backing to mark and baste as many quilts as I can afford to so my winter quilting is ready to roll. The more I think of that idea, the more I like it. I'll also likely do bits and pieces of other projects when I need a break. With nearly 5 days to sew and very little in the way of committments, I should be able to get quite a bit done...unless I spend too much time on the computer!

And, of course, the Ruthie picture. She's big into pencils and paper these days and almost holds a pencil quite well. I found her this morning with the crayon box, busily scribbling away.
And now, several hours after starting this post, I'll be off. My quilt is calling. I'm babysitting this afternoon and trying to get a few chores done so I can park myself and sew tonight during the baseball game.
As always, Happy Quilting!
Sue and Ruthie