Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Happy Surprise, and Updates

We found out just a couple of weeks ago that the house was still a possibility for Rebekah and Brian. Our determined son-in-law wasn't ready to give up on their dream house. He figured there had to be a way and continued communications with the mortgage company, unbeknownst to our daughter. After the intense disappointment, he didn't want to get her hopes up for nothing, but a couple of weeks in when he needed some paperwork, he had to tell her.

The rest of us were kept in the dark, they didn't want to tell us all, only to have to tell us, yet again, that it was a no go.

They quite happily signed MOST of the paperwork yesterday. As these things usually go, something was missing and it's not officially official, but they were given the keys and the lockbox was removed. I got to see it yesterday and it's WONDERFUL. (The house is not on this lake, this was actually taken during their wedding rehearsal.)

Joshua is quite happily settled into his new home. If the landlords had any qualms about renting to two young men, I'm sure they will be quite happy as time goes on. When they are not busy with their friends and girlfriends, Joshua and his roommate are caring for their home. Mostly Joshua cooks (he starts culinary classes next week) and Steve cleans, but they both work in the yard and it seems like they are keeping up with everything pretty well. (Joshua is the young man all the way on the right, catching the garter, his roommate is the young man in black in the front and center of the group.)

Rachel leaves on Friday to be a camp counselor for about 8 weeks. She will be gone from Sunday morning until Saturday afternoon during that time. She can hardly wait and I'm sure she'll enjoy it very much. Once she comes back, the wedding planning will begin in earnest. The date is set, June 9, 2011, the hall is picked (same as Rebekah's, though will have a totally different feel for this wedding) and quite a few things have been decided. The picture at right is Joshua and his girlfriend, Kayla, Rachel, and Joshua's roommate, Steve. Rachel made a cake in honor of her sponsor child's birthday, and we took pictures so she could send them to him.

Rachel's leaving means I will have little, if any, car access for the summer. It's something that I'm really struggling with, but there really isn't anything we can do about it right now. It may not be much better in the fall, with her working and going to school full time.

I've been hand quilting quite a bit, I have so many tops here and I need to quilt them. Some are pattern samples, others are just tops that have been waiting for me to have either time to work on them or money for batting and backing. This one was made from the tablecloths at Rebekah's wedding, It's nearly done so will be a housewarming gift.

I'll have more pictures of this one and the quilting on it soon!

I'm not nearly as good as multi-tasking as I used to be. I find that somewhat disconcerting as I have so many different things that need to be done. It used to be I could have several quilting projects going at once, but I'm not so good at that anymore. I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all and I think I'm starting to settle into a routine.

I also have learned to move on if I'm not feeling very motivated. It does no good to sit with hand quilting in my lap because I've designated this hand quilting time if I sit and stare at it because I don't feel like doing it. I used to be able to push through and do things anyway, but whether it be getting older or just a shift in mindset, that doesn't work so well unless something absolutely has to be done.

So today is computer day...until I'm tired of staring at the screen. I'll quit by dinner time and switch to hand quilting tonight. If it's earlier than that, I'll switch to a piecing project or start my hand quilting early.

Ruthie is doing great, she has multiple little dolls and stuffed animals that receive her attention. Right now, Spongebob is dancing across the top of our couch. She is a constant stream of chatter. A favorite thing is lining up various little objects and chattering away while she walks them around, then lines them up, then walks them around again. This particular lineup is a snowman pepper shaker, a clear glass teddy bear, and two s'mores ornaments.

We had a few lovely days a week or so ago and the kids were all out back. I looked out to see Ruthie, gently swinging back and forth and grabbed my camera. I love this picture, I may have to have a print of it!

Now it's time to get to work. I'm learning the ins and outs of EQ and I feel like I'm taking a computer class! I'll enjoy my computer time (with one computer for 6 of us, it's sometimes at a premium!) though am already looking forward to hand quilting later one.

I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy summer, and, as always,

Happy Quilting!