Sunday, August 11, 2013

Planning for Christmas and wedding recap

I've started working on my list for Christmas and, as usual, it's huge. Along with adding 3 family members in the last few years, I've also ramped up how many gifts I'm making for my immediate family.

We rotate among my husband's family and this year have his younger brother and his family tto buy gifts for. The last couple of years I've been doing "goodie boxes" which include various things I think the family might enjoy. I plan to make a shawl for my sister-in-law and socks for their girls. Whether or not other homemade gifts will be included will depend on time.

The early part of the year was spent getting ready for the Memorial Weekend wedding of our oldest son. The shower was at the end of March to accomodate the bridesmaids who were more easily able to make it because of spring break. While I started their quilt last fall, only a few of the blocks were appliqued before Christmas. Once the holidays were over, I ramped up working on it and, somehow, made it by the end of March deadline. I did some figuring and 600 hours of work went into this quilt.


Here is a closer picture of four of the blocks.

With the shower over and the wedding quilt finished, next up was table toppers for the reception tables. I made 5 and the bride's mom, who is also one of my best friends, made 5 also. Here are two of mine.


And how they looked at the reception.

With summer winding down, we're thinking of the new school year. Ruthie is recognizing some words, so soon I'll be taping and pinning word cards to everything possible in the house. Her language has made another leap and she's using more words, making longer sentences and expressing feelings in ways she hasn't  been able to before.

She will now tell us when she's "tidered" (tired), hungry, sad, etc. The other day she pointed at a tiny little tear on her face and declared herself sad and shortly after "no' sad nymore" (not sad anymore.)

She can get out the screen door (and back in if it doesn't quite latch when it closes) and, after going in and out several times, she asked me to come see...she had set up a picnic for her and her dolly.

Our days are full and happy. I'm excited about a multitude of projects and am often thinking about which I might need to put off until next year for lack of time.

Next time, a few of the shawls that I've made. Until then...
Happy Quilting!