Monday, September 22, 2008

Done and Moving On

Yay! The baby quilt is done with plenty of time to spare.

The binding gave me a few fits, of my own doing, as I tried to cheat and use some that I had already made. I couldn't think of what project it was for so thought it was leftover from something else. Wrong. As I finished sewing it on I realized what top it belonged to (I make the binding for my quilts when I made the tops so I don't accidentally use the fabric for something else.) I sat for a while trying to figure out what to do. I could leave it on, but then have trouble finding fabric for binding for the other quilt. I poked around my stash trying to find something else to use but was having trouble finding anything that looked nice. I did have another piece of binding made that could be used for the other project, allowing me to leave this binding on, but I knew that I did have something else that piece might work for so was reluctant to use it.

I took off the binding and went back to my stash in hopes of finding something that would work. I found a piece of fabrc that looked similar in color to what I just pulled was the SAME fabric. UGH. I could have left that on after all!

So I cut and made binding from the new piece of fabric and sewed it on, happy to be done with that project and learning my lesson about using binding I have already made!

I'm babysitting 4 afternoons this week, so will have to use my time wisely. I pulled out the posy project and have nearly finished another block. My scraps are overrunning me again so I started cutting some into strips and putting them in a box for the next strip quilt. I want to be sure to gt some time in hand quilting as well, seeing my hanger full of made binding makes me realize how many tops I still need to quilt and I plan to finish at least a few of those over the winter months.

Jonathan (14) and a friend are building a trebuchet. The youth group at our church is having it's 3rd annual pumpkin launch on Columbus day. Our older son is a youth leader and has a team making a giant sling shot, last year they threw pumpkins over 300 feet with something similar. This year they are going with a bigger, more heavy duty version in hopes of throwing even farther.

The trebuchet is being built at our house and Ruthie decided that it would be a good place to perch and watch the boys while she had a snack.

While I made Sunday dinner yesterday, Rebekah set up shop in the kitchen and colored her sister's hair. She had highlights but wanted it all put back to her natural color, so that's what they did. She also gave Ruthie a nice haircut and cut Rachel's boyfriend's hair.
Ruthie's hair was cut straight from a ponytail so isn't sitting the best in this picture, but I'm sure there will plenty more pictures! I'm hoping she'll start to let me play with the blow dryer and curling iron soon, so we can find some pretty hairdos with her stylish new cut.
Today, I plan to finish the posy block, cut some more strips, and maybe do a bit of hand quilting if it doesn't get too warm. I may start the next posy block, too, as I really would love to get that top put together so I can work on the celtic applique. I'd better get to it!
Happy Quilting!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Right Along!

I didn't get as much done as I'd hoped on the Baby Quilt yesterday, the plan had been to finish the blocks by the time I went to bed last night.

I dawdled, allowing myself to be distracted by various things. I had picked two different fabrics for the border, neither of which was doing it for me, but I left them out where I could take a look at them with the completed blocks.

I finished the blocks today, sewed the all together and laid out the border fabrics. No go. Neither one of them was doing it for me AT ALL. I dove back into my stash, not feeling very hopeful, as it took quite a bit of looking to come up with the two I had. While I wanted a print to pull it all together, I was contemplating a textured solid because nothing in my stash was filling the bill.

Then I found it. I couldn't believe it. I don't recall seeing this piece of fabric, I know I didn't buy it. I think it came in a box of leftovers from a friend and it had been used for something. I measured the usable portion and it was enough. I laid it out and bingo! that was the one.

My goal was to have it basted and ready to quilt by tomorrow night, but I actually put the first quilting stitches in it about an hour ago (though I'm not sure if any more will be done tonight as I'm doing my nails and have to make sure they are good and dry before hand quilting.)

I'm quite pleased with the results and hopefully will have an "It's done!" post before too long!

And really, how tired does one have to be to fall asleep like this??

I wish a restful Sunday to all!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Out For A Baby Quilt

I got a baby shower invitation today. Our church often does them for regular attenders having babies, but I don't go to them all. I looked at the invitation and didn't recognize the name of the sender, nor (at first) did I recognize the name of the guest of honor. Until I realized it was my niece, I'm just not used to her married name!

I should have planned ahead, assuming I'd be invited to the baby shower, but I wasn't invited to the bridal shower (though we were invited to the wedding) so I just wasn't sure what to expect.

I have 3 weeks. Yikes. Now really, I won't have any trouble making a baby quilt in 3 weeks, but I'm a little sad that the Posies and Celtic and the strip block quilt will both have to be put aside until this quilt is done.

At first, I couldn't even come up with a block that I felt like doing. After the initial feeling of panic, the wheels started turning and I decided on an old faithful, The Friendship Star.

I can use triangle paper on that one, the blocks go together easily, it should quilt up rather quickly and, after poking around in my stash, I found some fabrics that would do.

I printed off sheets of triangle paper. The program I have for this was really one of the best things I've ever bought, having saved me oodles of money on triangle paper rolls and oodles of frustration as I find piecing papered triangle SO much easier than cutting and sewing them the traditional way. So tonight, rather than hand quilting, which really it's too warm and humid for anyway, or working on Posy blocks, I'll do some preliminary work on the Baby Quilt. The plan will be to have the top together and have it basted and ready for quilting by Sunday night.

Once I get a feel for how long it will take to quilt, I might be able to sneak in some Posy time, but I've gotten to where I really don't like to work myself right down to the last minute, so the plan will be to work on the Baby Quilt until it's finished.

And speaking of Posies, here are the next two blocks, bringing the total finished to 8 (of 16.) I'm getting more and more excited about getting this top together and working on the celtic applique part of it. I imagine I'll sneak in bits of time during the making of the Baby Quilt.

And no post would be complete without the Ruthie picture. Looks like we need her big sister to give her a bit of a hair makeover!

Time to run, my projects (and dinner dishes) are waiting. I hope to make quick work of the dishes, and hopefully a leisurely evening of quilting will follow!

Happy Quilting, and prayers of safety for those in the path of hurricane Ike.

Sue and Ruthie

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy for Posies

I've been obssessed with the Posies and Celtic quilt. I've barely worked on anything else since completing those first two blocks. I do have to admit part of that is due to the weather, which has been very hot and/or humid since I basted the strip block quilt. It's cooler today, so that one may get some attention, though I do have my sights on finishing up the basting and yo-yo making for the Posie quilt. Since I last posted, I've finished 4 more of the Posie blocks, cut and marked the rest of the background pieces and have basted about half of the rest of the remaining pieces, a job I hope to finish today.

I think part of the reason I'm anxious to get these blocks done is my sights are set on the sashing and border. I'm curious to know if what I want to do will work, and excited to get to it if it will.

During this time I also prepared paper for the next strip quilt. This one will be a bit different, with half of the square being a background fabric. It will be set in a zig zag, be slightly smaller than the strip block quilt (mostly so it will be easier to back) and it's purpose is to help me clear out some more scraps (I save everything) and provide me a machine project when I feel like working on one. I'm finding I like piecing less and less, though do get a hankering to do it occasionally.

Today is a rather dark, dreary, rainy day. The grocery shopping is done and it seemed so much more daunting a task with the dismal weather. Other than babysitting this afternoon for a few hours and a couple of chores, I should have plenty of sewing time and, with goals for the day in mind, I just might be able to stay focused enough to reach those goals.

Beanie babies used to be a big thing in our house. When they first came out, my mother-in-law was working at a craft store that sold them and was buying them for our kids (and collecting them for herself.) She admonished them to leave on the tags because someday they'd be worth a lot of money, but to our kids, they were just toys and we let them do what they wanted. She once tried to buy one of Rebekah's from her for $20 so she could have it for her collection, but
Rebekah refused, it was one of her favorites. My mother-in-law was really miffed! Since then, the beanies have been relegated to shelves or baskets and not really much attention has been paid to them.

Our older boys decided to rearrange their bedroom and in doing so the beanie stash was found...and given to Ruthie. She particularly likes the little monkeys and had one up on each shoulder like babies. I tried to get a picture, but when she saw the camera, she took them off of her shoulders, sat down and held one up for the camera, showing off her "baby."

Now it's time for me to run or I'll not get anything done. With shopping finished and lunch well under way, my needle and thread is calling me and so is my comfy chair.
Happy Rainy Quilting Day!
Sue and Ruthie