Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Call Me the Bag Lady!

I made another, LOL. The directions for the smaller bag were a little more confusing than the bigger one, but I managed to get through it. I really like this one, too, it's smaller and has just one inner pocket, but just the right size if I have just a few things to bring along.

This one took considerably less time as the piece to be quilted was less than a third of the size of the bigger one.

At the moment, I'm not even looking at bag patterns because I know it will make we want to do another! I do have one pattern that I want to try, it's a liner for a 5 gallon bucket with tons of pockets that hang on the outside, but I'm not sure where it is at the moment...I think that's a good thing!

Looking at the inside, you can see the one pocket, it was supposed to have the lining side out, but I like the floral so much I had that side show. The floral piece on the bottom is a pocket to slide in a piece of cardboard for stablility.

Now today I MUST get the next topper going. I'll be getting the pieces ready as soon as I'm finished here and hopefully will get a good start on the applique before I switch to hand quilting tonight.

So that's it for now, it's time to run. I'm hoping for a fair amount of quilting time in the next few days even though we have a lot going on. Time will tell! Until then, happy quilting!


Marilyn R said...

Another great bag - bag lady! I like the way it buttons at the top.

Monkicat said...

great bag - I understand you obsession with making bags, I have it with log cabin quilts. they never stop fascinating me!
happy quilting to you too!

Valerie said...

You are very talented and busy! I am just learning about quilting but I am having a great time.