Monday, August 11, 2008

And Now, I Quilt!

After all the planning and anticipation, our family reunion week is over. It went exceedingly well, better than I ever could have hoped for and I was truly sorry to see everyone go.

Here is a picture of the lot of us, our color for the reunion was purple. My husband's father was one of 15 children, 4 became nuns, one died at birth (we just found out about this one at the reunion) so each family was given a color to wear. It was a really fun way to keep track of our own family, and to identify the other families.

Lucas, 8, was thrilled. There was something going on every day and he was able to participate in all of it. Even Ruthie got into the swing of it pretty quickly and wasn't too overwhelmed by so many new faces and so much activity for the week.

If it wasn't for the Olympics and my quilting list, I probably would be mildly depressed for a few days, but we've been looking forward to the Olympic games all year. Rebekah, Rachel and I had so much fun during the winter Olympics in 2006 that we've hardly been able to wait for these to begin. We made things as easy as possible for the two weeks and parked ourselves in front of the TV until we could sit no more. I, of course, hand sewed through it all, LOL.

This time is much the same, though we all have some committments that will tear us away from home. And this time I have a TV in my sewing area, so I'm able to do both hand and machine work without missing a thing.

I made a daunting list of things to work on during this two weeks, most of them old projects that I want to progress on. I also have a couple of new projects that I want to plan out and perhaps start.

The strip blocks will be completely finished and ready to begin sewing together today, I don't know if I'll start doing that or not. Right now the plan is to sew them into sets of four, then I may sash them so there will be some playing around with them before I actually finish the top.

I'm going to run, my blocks are calling me and I have a few chores on my list for the day (those will be squeezed in during breaks in the action, commercials, etc. I know, I'm pathetic! LOL)

I had to include this picture of Ruthie, taken by my Dad at their party last week.
Happy Olympics!
Sue and Ruthie


Tyanne said...

It's nice to have the memories that reunions create. Great photo of you all, and look at you. You are getting skinny!! Can't wait to see what you produce during the olympics.

Connie W said...

As ever, Ruthie's little face is so precious. We recently attended Doc's big family reunion. I like the idea of color-coding families, would help with keeping them straight, although we pretty much know everyone most of the time. Enjoy your TV & sewing time, my friend.

Bren said...

I agree, you are getting skinny. Are those boy friends in the pic??? I saw the one behind Rachel and thought, my gosh, he looks like Mike, but then realized that was probably Rachel's boy friend (I saw the hand on her arm)! Is Joshua in the baseball cap?

Marilyn R said...

I am loving the Olympics too! Ruthie is soooo cute with those baloons!

Mad about Craft said...

Enjoy the games! Enjoy the down time and the sewing!

Suzanne said...

What a great family reunion! My family did a similar color theme one year...each of us 5 kids families had our own color...we wore red. My SIL took it one step further....their family has 8 children, so she added the number the child was in the birth order to their shirt. She never lost a child our entire time at Disneyland!