Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The End is in Sight!

Yesterday was a roller coaster day. As I moved the quilt along, I thought that I had less to finish but found a spot where there was more blocks left than I anticipated.

A little dejected, but not daunted, I continued on only to find that there was only one small spot where there was extra blocks, and when I moved beyond it there were actually fewer blocks left to do than I thought.

As of last night, I'm on the edge blocks. I'm on the second one of them and plan to pound away until this one is finished.

I have a couple of smaller quilts that are basted and partially quilted, so I will pull out those and work on them when this one is finished. While digging for them in my large storage totes, I'll also choose the next several tops to be quilted and put them where they are accessible for marking and basting as I have the supplies to do so.

I've begun a list of projects to be worked on over the next few months. Mostly because I have a few things that need to be finished by the end of November/beginning of December and I want to have a nice list ready to choose from for the big hunting weekend, now only 3 short weeks away.

I LOVE hunting weekend, my next post will likely be all about it.

On my list for today are several chores. I have laundry going and dishes soaking, some picking up to do and some cleaning up in our bedroom. I hope to also squeeze in quite a bit of quilting. The binding is made for this quilt (as it is for all my tops) so as soon as the quilting is done I can bind it and send it to it's new home.

Ruthie's words are coming quickly now, though many still take some work to decipher, especially when they are new. She loves to "dwaw" (draw) and will spend quite a bit of time scribbling on paper. At first the movements were big and random, but now they've become smaller and more deliberate. With her birthday next month and Christmas the month after, we're scoping out different writing toys and tools as she not only enjoys them, but they are so good for her fine motor development.

If I expect to get anything done today, I'd better run. It's chilly in here as we're trying to keep our heat on low so a couple of quick chores and then a warm quilt in my lap for quilting is just the ticket.
Happy quilting!
Sue and Ruthie


scraphappy said...

You are making great progress on the hand quilting! I'm trying some handwork myself and it is going slowly.
I've heard good things about the triangle shaped crayons for helping with fine motor skills. My son was slow to develop the hand strength for writing and his preschool teacher recommended sidewalk chalk or white board markers, especially on a vertical surface.

swooze said...

Maybe I should have saved hand quilting for winter! Well darn. Guess I need to start a new one! LOL!

tisme said...

I found your comment on my Bad Sue block at my blog and came to check out your blog. It has now been over an hour and I have went way way back on your posts. I love your way of telling a story, and send a prayer your way. I think Ruthie is just a beautiful little girl and know why you are so proud of her.

~Bren~ said...

I can't wait to see the striped quilt finished. Where is it's new home????
Ruthie is a budding artist!!!

Marilyn R said...

I love your striped quilt! Ruthie is soooo color cordinated and beautiful!