Thursday, March 4, 2010

Olympic Quilting Wrapup

I never know what to expect when I plan these heavy quilting times. All kinds of things can come up to thwart them, and that first week of the Olympics I ended up having a bunch of things to do that I didn't expect. In spite of that, I was able to get quite a bit of quilting done. Thankfully the second week was not as busy and that was a good way to end, had the busy week been second, I would have definitely felt that my Olympic quilting experience was tainted some.

I finished the shade on Thursday of the second week, which means I spent most of the Olympic days working on it. I'm really pleased with how it came out and, though I had hoped to finish it during the Olympics, I wasn't sure if it was really possible. Here is a closeup view.

Here is a view from a little further back. The next step is to turn it into a Roman Shade, something I'm still trying to figure out. I found what looks to be some good directions online and hope to get it strung and hung before too long. It will replace the blue checked curtains you can sit a bit of in this picture. I'm hoping that I can figure this out without too much trouble as I have one to make for our bedroom, too!
When I was nearing the end of the shade, I took some time out to baste the baby quilt that I made on my sewing night and I also basted the Oriental Roads. I started quilting on the baby quilt on Thursday and finished the quilting on Sunday. I don't think I've ever quilted a baby quilt that quickly. I put binding on both the shade and baby quilt a couple of days later.
I was still watching Olympic coverage when the quilting was finished on the baby quilt so I picked up the Oriental Roads and started quilting on that one. Here it is in the hoop, with a view of part of one of the Jacob's Ladder blocks.
Here is the center block. The middle and squaring up triangles have this feather motif, in red, with off white crosshatching. The rest of the quilting is in red.

This one will take at least a few weeks to quilt, and I will probably take days off to work on the Posies and Celtic so it is ready for the hoop when the Oriental Roads is finished.

Looking over my challenge list, I realized everything left (except for the sewing together of blocks) is hand work....hand piecing, hand applique and hand quilting. Though I prefer handwork, I actually do enjoy machine piecing when I'm in the mood for it and am thinking ahead for when my challenge year is over. I printed paper for the next strip quilt. I did one where the whole block was strips, one where half the block was strips and the other half background (the shade) so this one will have strips on both sides of the center line with a background triangle at each corner. The pages are printed and I played with the lines, now all 256 have to be marked like this one.

I'll be working on this project when I have a hankering for machine piecing, and on my late night sewing nights, which lend themselves better to machine work than handwork most of the time.

And finally, Ruthie. Here she is, bed head and all. It was around Christmas time and our oldest had just come back from the youth Christmas party (he is a leader) where they all brought white elephant gifts. He received a Barney video, which he gave to Ruthie when he got home. She had just woke up from a short nap and was THRILLED to get this video. She has since "bought" a couple more of them in the Awana store (where they trade earned shares for various trinkets.)
Hopefully this is a big quilting day for me. I have nowhere to go, a few daily household chores to do, but mostly a day that is wide open. I'll quilt on the Oriental Roads and if I need a break will work on drawing more lines on the strip quilt and/or cutting some more strips for scraps. With the successful mastering of the curved piecing foot, some Drunkard's Path pieces will also be cut from scrap and a new "when I feel like sewing" box will be started.
But nothing will happen if I don't scoot!
Happy Quilting!


Linda said...

Hi Sue
Have you ever made patterns by layering your paper, putting a heavy needle in your sewing machine and sewing, without thread, through the paper? That way you only have to make one copy per 10 or so you create! Much easier than drawing a million lines. It also helps with paper removal.

Beautiful quilting on your shade and baby quilt. My goodness you quilt fast! When I started quilting I only wanted to hand quilt. Now I only machine quilt! Ah well, that's life.

Ruthie looks sooooooo happy. What a joy!
Lurking Linda
ps my word verification is lonquit--I shall quilt forever? giggle

~Bren~ said...

I love Linda's idea of marking several pages at once with the sewing machine!
Your Roman shade is GORGEOUS!!! Will you have it hung in the next couple of weeks?? :0)
The baby quilt turned out beautiful. I can't believe you go that quilted up so facst! It has some pretty dense quilting on it!
Ruthie is growing up too fast! Tell her to stop it!

Teresa said...

Wow...some beautiful projects. You have been very productive and what lovely things you have to show for it.

lulu said...

Sue you are a superwoman :>)) Love that baby quilt and you sure did get it done in a hurry.
Ruthie looks happy, I remember when my granddaughter loved Barney,we all were fed up with him LOL. She is 18 now, time flies.