Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time Flies

This surely seems to be a recurring theme for me. I need to find a way to do short posts more often so I don't feel like I'm totally rambling when I do post.

After much waiting and jumping through way too many hoops, the house was not to be after all. Rebekah and Brian were intensely disappointed for a couple of days, but then regrouped and came up with a new plan. They are still leaving their apartment at the end of the month, hoping to find a townhouse or house to rent between here and his job...which will put them very close to her job. The emotional adjustment has been made and we know that when they do get a house of their own it will be just the right one for them.

Their change in plans meant a change for Joshua, too. His friend's parents' house sold quickly, they moved into a house about a mile or so from here in the adjacent neighborhood. They are having a great time. Today Joshua came and picked up Lucas to spend the day at his new house, and next weekend we'll go there for dinner. He's clearly thrilled with this new phase in his life.

Rachel had a big month, too, she got engaged Easter weekend, on their 3rd anniversary together. We are planning another wedding but have more time this time, the target being June 2012. Along with the wedding will be a move, Marshall will be going to grad school, very likely in another state.

How did we get from the top picture, taken when Ruthie was just a few months old, to the bottom, Rachel so happy to be starting her new grown up life?

Our summer will be interesting, Rachel is spending most of it working as a camp counselor and will only be home for a few hours each weekend. We have a lot of the wedding plans figured out, the actual working of the plan will happen starting in August.

Ruthie continues to do very well and still loves to be photographed. Here she is ready to pretend shop. For a while she had to wear that hat every time we left the house. She often had it pulled so low that she had to tip her head to see. She loves to go to the store and comes along whenever I have the time to bring her and she wants to go along.

She loves the computer and used to mostly watch youtube videos that we'd find for her. She got tired of waiting for us to click another for her one day and she did it herself. She's since learned to play a couple of games, too. I find myself "competing" for computer time with her some's so good for her, though, I try to let her go for as long as she'd like.

I've been busy with my quilting, getting quite a bit done while waiting to buy EQ6. I have several patterns designed, planned another quilt I need to make, and worked on several of my "sample" tops. The one on the right is in the hoop and should be done before long, the one below will probably be next in line.

Just this week I got the program and have spent the last several days learning to use it and putting a couple of patterns into the software. I'm hoping to have a very productive summer, and have a quilt top I need to quilt to add in the mix! Quilt above: Ring around the Stars©2011 Quilt in Piece

Spinning Wheel©2011 Quilt in Piece Designs

Life sure does seem to be speeding along at a breakneck pace these days, but it's quite enjoyable, too. I do wish it would slow down just a bit!

Happy, Healthy spring to all, and Happy Quilting!



Linda said...

Yayayaya! Thanks for the Ruthie fix! Your kids look happy and terrific and your quilting is, as always, gorgeous! Have a wonderful Mother's Day.
Lurking Linda

Winona said...

Hi Sue. Sorry the deal with the house fell through, but Rebekah and Brian will soon find something else. How exciting to be invited to Joshua's new place for dinner. Congrats to Rachel and her young man. Ruthie is as cute as ever. Glad she is doing so well. Your quilt is so lovely. I have EQ6 and EQ7, but only know the basics of them both. I keep saying I am going to learn more, but so far, that hasn't happened. Thank you for updating us on what is going on in your life. I have done very few posts this year, myself. I have been dealing with some health issues and needed to concentrate on that. Have a very happy Mother's Day. Winona

Deanna said...

Great color combinations in your quilt tops--and some pretty good combinations in life in general it would appear.

Paullette said...

It was fun reading your blog and seeing pictures of your family. Are the quilt pictures you posted your own designs? They are beautiful.