Sunday, September 29, 2013

Time Flies.....When You're Having Fun?

I guess it's been fun. I was shocked to log in and see how long it's been. I feel like I've spent most of that time putting out small fires, but overall things have been going well. I have my Christmas projects pretty well planned out and have started working in earnest.

The weather is finally more Fall-like. It's warm today but the nights cool down and warm now isn't at all like summer warm in this part of the country.

With the addition of 3 family members in the last 3 years, the longest we go without a birthday to celebrate is about 8 weeks (we actually have 2 that are only a day apart as well.) Tomorrow is the family birthday dinner for my husband, so I spent my day working on these.

These are my version of tiramisu. Yellow cake (these were made in a mini loaf pan) cut into layers, cut side of cake brushed with brewed coffee with coffee flavored icing. So, so good! Dinner will be orange chicken with rice and football with be on the TV for some male bonding time while dinner is being made.

Usually, dinner is around 2:00, and by 5-6:00 the married kids leave so they have the evening to get ready for their busy week. My husband and boys often have Sunday evening committments of varying lengths so I'll have a bit of quiet to get the mess cleaned up and to work on my grocery list or a project.

Ruthie continues to do well, her speech is steadily improving and she's beginning to recognize some words and write little chicken scratches that are looking more and more like letters. She's putting words to her feelings and can pretty reliably tell us what she wants.

She definitely has her own sense of style, LOL.

I'm knitting for her for Christmas, making a matching skirt and scarf, possibly hat and mittens to match, too. If this set goes well, I may make another in a different color, she loves clothes and is especially fond of accessories.

My next few months will be full of Christmas preparations....knitting and sewing for gifts as well as making my lists for gift shopping, dinner menus, cookie supplies, and other holiday odds and ends. I love this time of year, but also look forward to the downtime when it's all over. This year, I'll have to get to work on a quilt for a nephew who is marrying in the spring.

I plan to take a break from that during the Olympics in February, when I plan to park in front of the TV for as much of those 18 days as possible with a project that I've been wanting to work on for a  while.

Until next time,
Happy Quilting!

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Linda said...

Mmm, I wanna birthday cake as well! Looks really, really good! Ruthie is looking beautiful as always. Such a cutie. You keep up with your busy life! Nice to see you back.
Lurking Linda