Monday, November 19, 2007

Mission Accomplished!

I quilted my poor fingers off this weekend and I'm sad to say my weekend was more successful than that of my husband and sons. They were hunting this weekend, my husband did get a small one, and their group (9 total) got two more. They share what they get, so 3 deer among 9 hunters won't yield very much.

They are still hunting this morning in hopes of some last minute success. In spite of the disappointment of not getting much, I'm sure they still had a wonderful time and these 4 days away for my very hard-working husband will have done him a lot of good regardless.

My weekend was decidedly more productive. I finished my brother-in-law's quilt last evening, binding and all. I had hoped to be finished by Thankgiving, but know that I often get distracted a few days before a holiday so wasn't sure if I could really make that goal.

Once it was finished, I pulled out an old baby quilt that was nearly finished, I'll soon be quilting the border on that one and should have it finished in the next couple of weeks. It will share my time with a new project for Christmas, a table runner for the table by our front door. I played around with a program on my computer to make some nice letters to applique, so last night I got those printed off. Today I will pull fabrics and prepare my applique and perhaps even begin the sewing if time permits. That will be a good project to bring to my bee tomorrow night. I won't stay for it all this time as my husband will be home. He takes Thanksgiving week off from his 2nd job each year and with the days of for hunting this gives him a really nice break at this time of year.

Also on my agenda today is a walk to the bank. We have money that needs to be deposited, but there isn't a vehicle here that will fit me and my two younger children, everyone else is out. Thankfully it won't be too cold today and it looks like the rain is over, too, so I'm trying to be thankful for the nice weather and exercise I'll get rather than fret over the loss of sewing time!

My quiet, relaxing long weekend is nearly over and heading me into a few days that will be very busy. Come Saturday, though, I can take a deep breath and plan some fun projects for the next few weeks as well as plan my menus, decorate for Christmas and generally just enjoy the holiday season.

My next chance to post will be Friday or Saturday, so I want to wish everyone a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

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Marilyn R said...

Your brother-in-law's quilt is a beauty!