Monday, November 5, 2007

OK, I'll Admit It....

Halloween has barely ended and I have Christmas fever. It's November 6th and I'm playing Christmas music.

I have a lot to do today. With the comings and goings in my house on the weekends and my husband having more time at home, we tend to do less housework on the weekend and just enjoy each others company. It makes for a nice weekend, but a busy Monday and sometimes Tuesday depending on what's going on here.

So today, I have dishes soaking in the sink, laundry to do, I want to do some organizing in our bedroom which ends up being the catch-all space and I'm baking my usual triple batch of chocolate chip cookies.

I need to straighten up in my sewing room, too. Hopefully somewhere in all that I'll find some quilting time. Lately I'm not meeting my 3 hour goal, in fact, I haven't met it 6 of the last 7 days. In spite of that, I'm on block 17 of 25 on the frame quilt, making my goal to be finished by Thanksgiving pretty realistic. I think knowing that I don't have to rush around like a crazy person this December is making it hard for me to focus sometimes. I'm easily distracted by the computer especially and will have to crack down on myself if I don't want to find myself in a crunch in spite of my easy 'schedule.'

Soon the list making will start. The Thanksgiving menu on one sheet, Christmas dinner on another, the Christmas Cookie list on a third. A few different shopping lists so I'm not missing any key ingredients when the days come.

One of the things this big jump on my Christmas sewing/crafts will do is enable me to make a few new things for OUR house. So many times I would love to have some new, homemade things for my own home, but after the holidays I can't muster up the enthusiasm and by the time I can it's time to work on things for other people.

This year, I may have the time to do some special things for here and I'm very excited. Our front table has a fall look now, if I make a new table topper for it I can put some special Christmas things there, it will be seen not only as one first comes in the door, but it's in my sewing area as well, so I'll get to really enjoy it. I have a small fiber optic tree that I bought on clearance after Christmas with the intention of making tiny beaded ornaments and garlands for it. I think I'll try to make the garland this year, we'll see if I have time for ornaments, too.

I was at the store with my two younger kids yesterday and found the cutest Christmas decorations, they are musical and move and Ruthie especially just loved them. She loves anything with music and she was just tickled when she saw them so I'm hoping to be able to get a couple of them this year. Those will go on the front table, also, where Ruthie can easily see them, but access can be supervised. I have a feeling we'll have to stock up on batteries, though we may be glad for a dead battery break after a couple of weeks!

So I'd better get to it. While waiting for pictures to load I got most of my dishes done, so one task in nearly completed. I've learned to go go go and get as much done as I can, but once the motivation/desire is gone to move onto something else (unless there are things that NEED to be done, in which case I push on through.) I was SO tired last night that everything seemed overwhelming, but God is good and today I feel full of energy and ready to go. We'll see how far that takes me!

Ho ho ho!! (I know, don't you want to slap me?)


Su Bee said...

Nah, I don't want to slap you - I'm glad I'm not the only one! It seems like the best way to be ready and get productive is to be inspired and in the mood, so if it's Nov 5th hopefully we won't be screaming by Dec 23rd.
Please say that's right?

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Today must have been the day to get things done because I was knockin' out the chores, too. You're funny ~ playing Xmas music to boot.