Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Decidedly On A Roll!

This has been a very productive month so far. I've been able to find 3 hours or more each day (except one, see my sidebar for my log) to work on quilting projects and it definitely shows when I check my current projects.

The blocks are nearly done for the paper piecing project (4 units make a block) and I will definitely go ahead and finish this top before setting it aside. The red and black quilt doesn't have much quilting left, then the purple flower quilt will be quilted, and by then I hope to have my parents' album quilt ready to quilt (though I STILL haven't picked out which album block I want to do.)

The flower ring blocks (from the previous post) I hope to have done within the next week and then I'll also assemble that top, the alternating blocks are ready and waiting so that top will be completed soon as well.

In the process of reorganizing my sewing room a couple of months back, I found this nifty handwork pillow that I made from a pattern. I haven't used it in a long time, when I was heavier it didn't fit well on my lap and mostly just got in the way. Now I can use it so I'm trying to get into the habit as it gives my hands somewhere to rest. It also conveniently holds everything I need to applique which is handy when I'm sitting without a table nearby. On top are elastic loops for holding thread, and a "V" of elastic for holding scissors. The back and sides have pockets and the front is a strap for carrying (thought I don't use that unless I'm sure my supplies will stay put.) It is nice that everything is so easily accessible, yet I can pick up the whole thing and move to another spot. I made this several years ago and the elastic has lost some of it's snap, I may have to take a few stitches here and there to tighten it up. If I think I might be using this a lot again, I may even replace the elastic, I just remembered (and checked to be sure I remembered correctly, LOL) that there is a zipper and I can unstuff it easily and put on new elastic should I so desire. Right now it is loaded up with the supplies for the flower ring blocks, soon it will be full of supplies for the toppers for my parents' anniversary party.

I was going to start the anniversary toppers yesterday, but got on a roll with the ring blocks and decided to go with that. I had originally planned to make quilting that top the post-holiday project as I was going to finish the blocks and assemble the top after my Christmas work was finished and before the holidays were over, but I got involved in all the message table runners.

I'm loving this quilting frenzy time and it should continue all summer. Ruthie loves to be outside and I try to have smaller projects at the ready so I can sit outside and sew/quilt while she plays. Last year we had to do a bit of chasing her, but it wasn't too bad, this year she should be even better at following directions so I shouldn't have to jump up and down quite so much. With all the toppers to make I'll have plenty of small projects to keep me busy while we enjoy the nice summer days...and for the HOT ones we'll be hiding inside with the air conditioning, LOL, so I'll still be able to quilt!

I already have a front yard spot and a back yard spot set up. I sit in the front on cooler afternoons because the sun is on the porch and on the warmer mornings when the porch is still shaded. I have a swing in the backyard that is mostly shaded these days (but can be moved to the sun on cooler days) because of our now very large trees in the back. I have to say even though I'm not ready for winter to be over, I do look forward to the smells of spring, spring breezes and enjoying it all with some handwork and a nice cool beverage!

Just talking about it all has me raring to go so I'd better get to it. I have to make my grocery list for tomorrow and do a few quick chores, but otherwise the day is wide open for sewing.
Happy quilting...and keep warm!


Marilyn R said...

Love the lap pillow - I have heard of appliquers (is that a word?) using pillows while they applique for hands rests, but I haven't seen a pillow with places for storage. Neat!

Belvie said...

One of my friends who appliques uses a pillow to support her hands while she works. It's an ugly old sofa pillow. I'm going to tell her about yours with places for all your threads and other supplies. Wonderful idea!