Thursday, February 7, 2008

Snow Day!

Overnight Tuesday we were supposed to get a lot of snow. As the day progressed, the predictions downgraded and I have to admit, I was disappointed. I love big snows and we really don't get very many here.

A couple of inches (maybe) fell overnight and I woke up to the sound of snowplows. I turned on WGN to find out what was actually going on with the weather and saw the running scroll bar of closed schools. Hmmm. As I listened, I found out that the snow flurries falling were going to turn to quite a snow storm, beginning to fall heavily around mid-morning. Sure enough, about 9:00am, the snow started to fall in earnest and fell that way for a majority of the day. All told we got about a foot of snow.

My husband's second job is as a janitor for the local high school. With school closed, they sometimes don't have to go and thankfully he got a call at 8am saying that he didn't have to go in. He did have a job he had to do for our business and unfortunately it involved going in and out of 13 different buildings. It normally takes him just about until he has to go to the school job to get it done, not having to go to school meant he could take his time. The job is right here in town, too, so at least the driving worry wasn't so big. Our son works for an apartment complex, he went in early and spent most of his time shoveling and salting walks. When he got home at 12:30, quite a bit of snow had fallen and it took 5 of us to get his truck into the driveway. My husband got home about 2:30, only an hour after he usually finished that job, I was really glad to have the whole family home and safe by mid-afternoon. Here are a few pictures from our yard, the top one the bushes at the front of our house, the middle our poor, still sick van and the last a view out of my dining room sliding door. Today the sun is shining brightly and it's just beautiful out there. I just love the snow and was really energized all day yesterday, I sewed/quilted for nearly 8 hours and am raring to go today, too.

I sat and sewed within sight of the picture window until it got too dark to see. In the middle of the afternoon I put a pot of soup on to simmer and started up the bread machine, so dinner was super easy to serve and clean up. I added one muslin piece to almost all of the paper pieced blocks, so there is only one more piece to go. I don't know if I'll finish that today but I should be able to get close. Tonight I'll hand quilt, the older kids will all be gone at Youth Group and that leaves me here with the littles who are usually happily ensconced in their own play during the evening hours. I have only a few blocks left to quilt on the red and black quilt, I'm hoping to be binding that one sometime next week.

Ruthie's new thing is her magna doodle, I finally got pictures of her doing it. She will sit for an hour or more, scribbling away and erasing, I'll bet she's solving the worlds problems on that little thing!
So that's it. I'm off to sew, a lot I hope, at least until mid-afternoon when the baby I sometimes watch will be getting here. During that few hours I'll work on dinner and play with him, then tonight I should be able to mostly quilt. I'll find something good on TV (I'm a Law & Order junkie and reruns are on almost every night) or I'll pop in a movie and poke my poor little sore finger some more...I'm at that point on this quilt that I can't wait to finish it which means it will get a lot of attention from now until it's done.

I took the purple flower quilt out of the frame as I'm enjoying the hoop more at the moment. I may bring the frame back out when the weather is warm and it's difficult to have quilt in my lap. I really want to get at least these two finished before I begin to quilt all the toppers and the album quilt. I still haven't found a pattern I really like for either one so I'll continue to mull that over while I hand quilt. I've had a few ideas, but I know just the right one hasn't come along yet.

Ok, so that wasn't it, but this is. Happy quilting day!


Marilyn R said...

Snow days are best when the whole family is safe and sound at home and can enjoy it with you! I'm glad you have had some great quilting time. Yeah snow days!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

I would love a snow day. It was 80 here today. Way too warm too soon. Ruthie is just adorable I've got to tell you.

LauraJ said...

Ruthie (love the name!) is adorable! I love the red hair!
Happy Sewing!!