Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Calculation Mistake

How often have we done this? My mistake was time related this time around. A few days ago I looked at the number of blocks I had left and the target date for finishing this quilt and knew it would be close. I've been quilting like a mad woman this week. How many times have I felt like I'd been quilting for days on end, only to lift up the quilt and find I wasn't nearly as far as I'd hoped to be?

The OPPOSITE happened yesterday. In thinking about the blocks left to be done (10 at the time) at some point I started thinking 10 in a row, not 10 altogether. I lifted the quilt to find that I had one block left to quilt before I could move to the borders. ONE!! That will easily be finished today and I plan to make as big a dent as possible in the small, inner border. The outer border still needs to be marked, but I have a stencil that I love that looks nice and quilts up fairly quickly. My weekend deadline should be easy to meet and I'm feeling far less stressed! About the quilting, anyway!

So I'm happy dancing here, and will be really enjoying my quilting time today knowing I'm days ahead of where I thought I was. Yay!
Happy Quilting!


Andrea said...

Good news - almost as good as finding money in an old purse that you'd forgotten about - lol ! Now you can enjoy doing the rest of it without so much pressure. xx

dineke said...

I know that feels so good. Such a nice surprise finding out you have done more than you thought you did. Have fun with the borders!

Tyanne said...

It's nice to make a miscalculation in your favor. Mine usually go the other way. I am so looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.