Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Time is Getting Away From Me

Wow, I didn't realize how long it had actually been since I posted until Bren and Tyanne inquired as to my whereabouts and wellbeing.

All here is going quite well, actually, I've just been as busy as all get out. Last night, I finished the last of the toppers...YAY! That is a big burden lifted, but I enjoyed them so much that I'm almost sorry to be done. I think that I may make a whole quilt of these blocks, with various colors.

Still to be worked on, though, is the album quilt which doesn't yet have much of the quilting done. I have to spend some serious time in the next couple of weeks or it won't be finished in time. Of course, today is the start of a string of 90 degree days, just in time to have a big quilt in my lap. I'm so thankful for air conditioning! We do try not to run it too often, and I will hold off for as long as possible today, but with so much to do I need my sleep and I don't sleep well at all when it's warm and humid at night.

We are still van-less but hopefully not for much longer. It's been very frustrating, I'm sure more for the young men who are trying to get it running for us than it has been for me. Generally I'm a homebody and not having the car really hasn't stopped me from doing much, but just knowing I can go when I want to again will be very nice!

Since my last post, I've had a birthday. My kids all pitched in and bought me this for my sewing room. I'd been carrying down the 13 inch from our bedroom a few times a week so they bought me this nice 19 inch that resides in my sewing area. It's also within sight of the dining room table, which my family loves during baseball games.

With all the reunion events less than 3 weeks away, and being well on my way to finishing the work for them, I'm beginning to daydream about new projects. I don't think I have to do any big quilts for this Christmas, which means I can pick a couple of projects just for the fun of it. One will be a new window treatment for our bedroom, I think I have it all designed in my head so now I have to work out the specifics. It will be a quilt, strung like a roman shade so it can be raised and lowered, with a cornice covered with a quilted piece. I'm really excited about it and it shouldn't take too long to make.

The other is the quilt of blocks like the toppers. I can't believe that I'm wanting to make more of those! The purple flower quilt is nearly finished with the quilting, just the borders are left, and I'm hoping to make quick work of that once the party work is done, mostly so I can choose another to quilt!

I can't write after so long without a Ruthie picture, she's doing just great. She is talking more and more and is such a little ray of sunshine. Our last year has been pretty rough, but it's hard to stay down for too long with all these smiling faces around us every day.

Now I need to run or I'll not make any progress on anything! The All-Star game is tonight, I plan to park myself in front of it, album quilt in my lap, air conditioning making our lower level nice and cool, hoping to make a nice dent in the quilting that is left.
Happy Quilting!
Sue and Ruthie


Mad about Craft said...

Nice to hear from you again.

Love to Ruthie!

Marilyn R said...

Congrats on finishing your table toppers! Such beauties! Wish I was a family member so I could have one! :-)