Thursday, September 4, 2008

Crazy for Posies

I've been obssessed with the Posies and Celtic quilt. I've barely worked on anything else since completing those first two blocks. I do have to admit part of that is due to the weather, which has been very hot and/or humid since I basted the strip block quilt. It's cooler today, so that one may get some attention, though I do have my sights on finishing up the basting and yo-yo making for the Posie quilt. Since I last posted, I've finished 4 more of the Posie blocks, cut and marked the rest of the background pieces and have basted about half of the rest of the remaining pieces, a job I hope to finish today.

I think part of the reason I'm anxious to get these blocks done is my sights are set on the sashing and border. I'm curious to know if what I want to do will work, and excited to get to it if it will.

During this time I also prepared paper for the next strip quilt. This one will be a bit different, with half of the square being a background fabric. It will be set in a zig zag, be slightly smaller than the strip block quilt (mostly so it will be easier to back) and it's purpose is to help me clear out some more scraps (I save everything) and provide me a machine project when I feel like working on one. I'm finding I like piecing less and less, though do get a hankering to do it occasionally.

Today is a rather dark, dreary, rainy day. The grocery shopping is done and it seemed so much more daunting a task with the dismal weather. Other than babysitting this afternoon for a few hours and a couple of chores, I should have plenty of sewing time and, with goals for the day in mind, I just might be able to stay focused enough to reach those goals.

Beanie babies used to be a big thing in our house. When they first came out, my mother-in-law was working at a craft store that sold them and was buying them for our kids (and collecting them for herself.) She admonished them to leave on the tags because someday they'd be worth a lot of money, but to our kids, they were just toys and we let them do what they wanted. She once tried to buy one of Rebekah's from her for $20 so she could have it for her collection, but
Rebekah refused, it was one of her favorites. My mother-in-law was really miffed! Since then, the beanies have been relegated to shelves or baskets and not really much attention has been paid to them.

Our older boys decided to rearrange their bedroom and in doing so the beanie stash was found...and given to Ruthie. She particularly likes the little monkeys and had one up on each shoulder like babies. I tried to get a picture, but when she saw the camera, she took them off of her shoulders, sat down and held one up for the camera, showing off her "baby."

Now it's time for me to run or I'll not get anything done. With shopping finished and lunch well under way, my needle and thread is calling me and so is my comfy chair.
Happy Rainy Quilting Day!
Sue and Ruthie


Marilyn R said...

I know what you mean about yucky weather making grocery shopping a hard chore to get through. I really hate to grocery shop when it is raining! I love your posey blocks - it will be fun to see what you do with them!

Tyanne said...

The posey blocks are wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Love this picture of Ruthie- it shows her bright eyed enthusiasm.

Winona said...

Sue, I love your posey blocks. I go in spurts. Some times I enjoy piecing, other times I just want to sit and hand quilt, applique, or do some embroidery. As usual, wonderful picture of Ruthie. Looks like she is really enjoying those beany babies. Winona