Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time Out For A Baby Quilt

I got a baby shower invitation today. Our church often does them for regular attenders having babies, but I don't go to them all. I looked at the invitation and didn't recognize the name of the sender, nor (at first) did I recognize the name of the guest of honor. Until I realized it was my niece, I'm just not used to her married name!

I should have planned ahead, assuming I'd be invited to the baby shower, but I wasn't invited to the bridal shower (though we were invited to the wedding) so I just wasn't sure what to expect.

I have 3 weeks. Yikes. Now really, I won't have any trouble making a baby quilt in 3 weeks, but I'm a little sad that the Posies and Celtic and the strip block quilt will both have to be put aside until this quilt is done.

At first, I couldn't even come up with a block that I felt like doing. After the initial feeling of panic, the wheels started turning and I decided on an old faithful, The Friendship Star.

I can use triangle paper on that one, the blocks go together easily, it should quilt up rather quickly and, after poking around in my stash, I found some fabrics that would do.

I printed off sheets of triangle paper. The program I have for this was really one of the best things I've ever bought, having saved me oodles of money on triangle paper rolls and oodles of frustration as I find piecing papered triangle SO much easier than cutting and sewing them the traditional way. So tonight, rather than hand quilting, which really it's too warm and humid for anyway, or working on Posy blocks, I'll do some preliminary work on the Baby Quilt. The plan will be to have the top together and have it basted and ready for quilting by Sunday night.

Once I get a feel for how long it will take to quilt, I might be able to sneak in some Posy time, but I've gotten to where I really don't like to work myself right down to the last minute, so the plan will be to work on the Baby Quilt until it's finished.

And speaking of Posies, here are the next two blocks, bringing the total finished to 8 (of 16.) I'm getting more and more excited about getting this top together and working on the celtic applique part of it. I imagine I'll sneak in bits of time during the making of the Baby Quilt.

And no post would be complete without the Ruthie picture. Looks like we need her big sister to give her a bit of a hair makeover!

Time to run, my projects (and dinner dishes) are waiting. I hope to make quick work of the dishes, and hopefully a leisurely evening of quilting will follow!

Happy Quilting, and prayers of safety for those in the path of hurricane Ike.

Sue and Ruthie


~Bren~ said...

Is Sarah having a baby??? Your baby quilts are always wonderful. I SO wish I could piece and hand quilt a baby quilt in 3 weeks!
I was cracking up at everyone who was surprised that you fixed your oven. I was surprised that you hadn't done it sooner!! You should show some of you wood working on your blog...and furniture making...

Tyanne said...

Ruthie just keeps getting cuter and cuter. I am sure you will have no problem finishing a baby quilt with a three week deadline. I am loving the fabrics you are using in your posey quilt. I hope you are keeping this one for yourself.

Teresa said...

Lots of pretties on your blog today - the fabric are so bright and will make a beautiful baby quilt, the posies are also so pretty and something I would like to do too ------ and then there is Ruthie. She is such a doll and her picture today just gave me the biggest smile! Thanks for sharing.