Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Busy-ness Thwarted

Saturday my day was to be spent baking cookies with other little chores and some quilting done while each batch was baking. With my cookie dough all mixed, I went for the chocolate chips....only to find I didn't have any. Huh. I was sure I had some, but no, I was remembering from the week before. I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and we picked some up Sunday after church. Baking cookies became my Sunday job, after my dinner roast had finished cooking.

Also on Sunday, my husband went out and pulled the last of the produce from our garden. Our 13 year old is very into gardening and project type things, so the garden was his pet project with lots of help and advice from his Dad.

Yesterday, I had planned to spend a fair amount of time quilting while the laundry was washing, then drying. I ran out to pick up a friend who needed a ride and came home to hear "Mom, something is smoking." It was my washing machine!! My 22 year old faithful friend had frozen up and is gone.

I took out the load and hand wrung out as much of the water as I could and put it in the dryer. I had other laundry to do so I hauled a couple of loads up to the tub, put in laundry soap and hand agitated it, then rinsed it and hand-wrung it for it's turn in the dryer.

This left my whole body aching, especially my hands, and finally by evening I was able to sit a bit and quilt. I didn't get anywhere near the 3 hours I try for, but I did have good fellowship with my 15 year old as we sat and played on the computer, listening to ringtones.

Today, I'm watching a friend's children for a good part of the day. Tonight our kids will carve up some of the pumpkins and we'll roast the seeds. I hope to squeeze in some quilting, too, I'm on block 11 of 25 on my brother-in-law's quilt and am feeling quite confident that I can finish it by Thanksgiving.

Tomorrow will be much of the same. The same friend's children will be here so she can participate in Halloween parties at school. Our 7 year old will Trick or Treat for a little while, but then has Awanas, our two oldest are leaders in that. Our 13 year old will have a friend here to walk with him when he takes Lucas out and Ruthie and I will hold down the fort and hand out candy.

I'll leave you with a picture of Ruthie, who insisted that she had to have her jacket on. For the first time in quite a while I was able to get a picture of her smiling with her beautiful eyes opened. Her smile lights my heart every time I see it.

I'm off, to corral little ones and hopefully squeeze in a stitch or two. Happy Quilting!


Angela said...

I am so sorry about your washer. It could be us next. Miss Ruthie is a precious angel! Adorable.

Su Bee said...

Yikes - I hope you have a replacement by now? All that laundry by hand cuts into quilting time!
Ruthie is such a little doll!