Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Monday

Monday is a hard day for me in some respects. I'd like to just take it as a rest day and do as little as possible, but over the weekend it's hard for me to get much done with the kids coming and going and my husband here more than he is during the week. All the comings and goings keep me busy, leaving me wanting a restful Monday, but by the same token all the comings and goings make it so there is work to be done on Monday!

This weekend, "the teens" ended up at our house for the day yesterday. They started filtering in shortly after church and the last ones left about 8:30 or so. "The teens" being our 13 and 21 year old sons and some of their friends, ranging from 17 to 21, and our daughters and some of their friends, ranging in age from 14 to 19.

The total yesterday was 10. Today there are popcorn remnants on the floor and there is a sinkful of dishes (now soaking) to wash.

I did spend a lot of the day sewing/quilting, first putting the first pieces on my new paper piecing project and then hand quilting. It was just interrupted a lot of times while I dug up snacks for everyone...and it was noisy in here! A couple of the boys in particular are quite loud and I don't do so well with loud anymore.

So today, I have a few things that really need to be done, though I'd rather play hookey and sew all day. A couple of loads of laundry, a good cleaning in the kitchen and vacuuming and things will be in much better shape. I'll also be pressing the paper piecing that I sewed yesterday and maybe placing a new piece. If I don't feel like doing that, or get tired of it, I'll hand quilt at the frame for a while.

This is the wastebasket for my sewing room. I line it with a little 8 gallon bag and when my son empties the wastebaskets he takes out the bag. Ruthie decided it would be a nice place to sit. With the handle it was a little tricky for her to get into and it was even more tricky for her to get out, but she managed!

I'm off to an earlier start than most Monday's. I'm not sure what woke me up "early" (early for me, anyway) but my exercise is done, I've eaten and now finished my blog post, leaving me a big stretch of day ahead and nowhere that I need to go (not that I can anyway, the van is still not running, though now we're pretty sure that it's the starter and not some horrible huge problem. We're hoping to get it fixed in the next couple of weeks.)

These are my favorite kinds of days. A mix of chores and sewing with no need to leave the house!

Happy Monday!


Belvie said...

What a cute picture of Ruthie!! That should brighten your entire day.

Marilyn R said...

Sweet Ruthie! Have fun sewing today!

Granny Lyn said...

You are "the Mom"...
the one who puts up with the noise, buys double groceries, and cleans up the mess.

for years, all the kids came to our house, and I miss it, but not so much...tee hee

love that little Ruthie!

Debi said...

Your daughter is adorable. Please visit my blog for my latest give away.