Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy Week

I've got a very busy week ahead. Our van is still out of commission, thankfully except for errands on Thursday I have no need for it. I had told my husband before the holidays that I thought I should start doing home daycare again once the holidays were over and, though he doesn't want me to have to do it, agrees that it will be helpful.

We're both in agreement that, for now, we will not be placing an ad in the paper, but relying on word of mouth and God will bless as He sees fit.

This week, I'm watching a friend's children 3 times (for various appointments) and our Pastor's daughter's baby 2 afternoons. The few extra dollars will pad our grocery budget as our son's 21st birthday is Saturday and he is having a bunch of friends over on Sunday. Plus there is a pair of shoes on clearance calling me, I haven't bought a new pair of shoes in ages!

We're still hoping to get our van fixed this week, it depends on if a couple of big checks arrive, and even the logistics of picking it up are complicated with my husband's schedule and now the daycare jobs I have this week. One way or another it will work out. I'm hoping NOT to have to walk the 2 miles to the repair shop as it's cold here today and getting colder as the week progresses, but if that's what it takes to get my wheels back, I'll bundle up and go!

I generally love the months of January, February and March. To me, they are quilting months. Though I quilt quite prolifically all year long, it's usually worked in and around many other things. These three months there is little really going on. There are weeks that the only time I leave the house is for errands and for church and I love it.

On Saturday, the frame quilt got it's first stitches. I've started so many things now that I'm torn each day as to what I feel like doing. I think this quilt will go fairly quickly, each time I'm able to put in a movie and quilt for a while should make quite a lot of progress.

I still have one more quilt to mark and baste, I may do that today since it requires me to clean off my sewing table, which right now has the makings of several projects spread out on it. I'll find a bag or basket for each one and clear the space, which will be good for when kids get here this week, too. There isn't a huge amount of marking, I really should be able to mark and baste and still have some time for additional sewing or quilting.

Yesterday I spent all my sewing time on the celtic applique. I've only made a small dent in the borders but am really liking how it's coming out. I remember from past experience that it feels pretty tedious at first, but once I get on a roll it starts going quite a bit faster. I think I'm bringing this to the quilting bee tomorrow night. While most of the women bring machines and work on piecing, I find that easier to do at home and I usually bring handwork instead. Since my van is out of commission, my son is taking me there and my daugher is picking me up so it's best to not have to carry too much along this time anyway.

I left church yesterday with lifted spirits. The pastor was speaking on working our way through trials and tribulations and how we are not alone, not only do we have God but the prayers of our friends as well. He is just coming out the other side of a major health crisis and it was his first time in the pulpit in many weeks. While he was speaking of his own experience primarily, he knows of ours and I'm sure others in the congregation as well. I've been well aware this last week that we are indeed not alone and am feeling more encouraged and less burdened than in months.

I should run, it's coming up on lunchtime and I haven't really done very much yet today. I do have dishes soaking in the sink and venison sausage cooking in the oven (we're attemtping to make our own summer sausage.) I few concentrated bursts of cleaning and straightening will do wonders for the house and then I can sit and sew and relax until kids come later.

I'm torn between that which I should do (clean) and that which I want to do (sew.) I'm very tired today and it would be so easy to just skip the chores and relax. I've learned how to handle these days, though, I will pick a chore and do it and then reward myself with a bit of sewing time. A few of these "trades" during the course of the day will finish what I need to do.

Happy Quilting!


CONNIE W said...

Hi, Sue. It's cold here too and the thought of walking two miles...sounds colder... When I go to quilt bee I always take handwork along. A few times someone may bring along a machine but usually everyone does handwork too. I hope things continue to look up for you. Hugs.

Zegi said...

What a good way to get some cleaning done!!

Takako said...

I came from Hand quilt webring.
I've gone through a kind of difficult time before but making quilt helped me a lot by not thingking about hardship around me.

Cleaning and quilting...
Good balance, I think.
Good luck, Sue!

Marilyn R said...

I always find it more fun to quilt then clean! *G*

Sandy said...

Oh Sue I didn't realise you had vehicle troubles, hope it gets resolved quickly.
Thank you for the inspiration you give.