Tuesday, January 8, 2008


While I didn't spend as much time quilting as I planned, I did make progress on a couple of things. My "Happy New Year" table runner is finished and on my table. It will stay there until my son's birthday in about 10 days, when we'll change to the "Happy Birthday" runner that I hope will be finished by then.

I always plan my sewing day but I'm sure I'm thinking about the fact that I'm never here alone! I always have grandiose plans for huge progress and some days not all that much gets done. It gives me something fun to think about, though, and keeps me inspired.

Today and tomorrow not much are going on here so I hope to get a lot done (see, there I go again!) The baby quilt I mentioned yesterday has one side of the border quilted, I should be able to finish that today and hope to get the binding on the front. I didn't get to do any celtic applique yesterday, so hope to do some of that today, but my new quilt in the frame (which I fixed after breaking it during the hot water heater incident) is calling me, too. Generally I do better choosing one or two things to work on in a day and spending more time on them, but these few days might just be jump from project to project days, there are so many that are calling my name right now.

I used to jump around between projects often as my time was limited and those bits of time added up. When a project got closer to the end, I'd concentrate on that one until it was finished. I find as I get older, I don't multi-task quite so well. We'll see what this day brings!

Miss Ruthie is a little ray of sunshine in the mess that seems to be enveloping us these days. Here she is enjoying the vat of popcorn left behind after our daughters' "girls night" on Saturday, no doubt while watching "Elf", her favorite movie. My husband asked this morning if we didn't have anything else she might like to watch, LOL. Personally, that one doesn't bother me, I can think of a few that would drive me batty if they were on all day. "Elf" manages to be one one TV or another almost all day long, though she only really sits in front of it if someone is watching with her or she's really tired. In any case, it's making her happy and since she's been interested in it we've seen quite a jump in her attempts at speaking and verbal reactions, which is great!

I hope everyone has been safe and dry from the unusual January storms. There were tornadoes not far from here, my husband called from work and said they were told to go to the basement so we cleared out the entrance to the crawlspace just in case. Thankfully the storm seemed to have bypassed us, we had some rain but not even any thunder and lightening.

So that's it. Time to quilt. This baby quilt will never get finished if I keep rattling on. I don't want to quilt in the frame until the baby quilt is finished, so that is keeping me motivated.

Happy Quilting!