Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Immeasurable Blessing

Well, actually it is the yard! I received a box in the mail on Thursday that I could barely lift to get into the house. I gasped when I opened it as this is what I found.

The box was stuffed full of lovely background fabric and a few pieces so pretty I may just work a quilt around them. Each appears to be about 5 yards (I measured a few of them and they all appear to be about the same size) and there are 19 cuts. These were sent to me by the same lovely lady who sent the patterns a magazines a few weeks ago and I'm awed by her thoughtfulness and generosity.

One piece is perfect for the backing of my parents' album quilt and, as I have the batting here for that, I can now baste whenever I'm ready. Once I get to the borders of the flower quilt, I will baste the album quilt so it is ready to go.

As I "inventory" my quilts in the works, I'm also daydreaming of a few new tops. With the toppers well under way and the album quilt ready to be basted, I'm not feeling so pressured, time-wise, about finishing in time for the party. The party projects will be top priority, but small breaks to spend on other things will not pose a problem.

Poor Ruthie is having an "off" day today. I think she is just tired and is in my lap right now, something that is rare during the daytime hours. I plan to post her story on Monday or Tuesday. I need a block of time to do it justice and I think I finally have the time.

Our van is being worked on today, we are praying that there are no other problems found along the way and that he is able to do the work safely and accurately. He seems certain I will be shopping with my van on errand day this week.

Ruthie went a stretch of time where she didn't nap, but lately has been napping occasionally again. It seemed awfully quiet one day and when I went looking for her, this is what I found. She was curled up on her brother's bed with her baby for a little snooze.

And now I'll run. I would like to make as big a dent as possible in the quilting on the flower quilt this weekend...and won't get that done sitting here!

Happy Quilting!



CONNIE W said...

How thoughtful of your friend who sent you the box full of fabric! I hope the van is an easy fix.
Ruthie photo is just adorable. Happy sewing!

Marilyn R said...

What a fun gift to receive! Ruthie is a sweetie! Hope that van is running in tip top shape soon!

Bren said...

ooooh I hope your van is fixed. I am needing a visit soon!
What a blessing the box was. I know it will all get used!

loulee1 said...

Wow! You have a very generous friend there. Isn't it wonderful to recieve such a thoughtful gift.
I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope you get to go shopping in the van.

((Hugs)) for Ruthie.