Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Quick Update

Whew! Things have been busy since my last post. I've added a nice walk to each day to try to get the weight loss going again. It's been very slow going since the holidays and I'd really like to get most, if not all, of the last 17 pounds off by the time our families come in August.

I'm NOT an early bird. While I'd love to get up at 6:30 and get my walking in before the day really begins here, that would quickly take it's toll as my husband works until 11 and we're rarely asleep before midnight. I had hoped to be one of those people who needed less sleep as they aged, but so far the opposite is proving to be true.

I'm doing some extra babysitting this week, and a 7 month old in the house means not a whole lot else gets done! I have found a couple of new projects I'd really like to start, and am poking around for a few more with all that beautiful background waiting for me. The next topper is nearly finished and I think that will be the project for the day. I don't want to run myself out of time at the end. I also need to baste the album quilt, which I might do tomorrow since I won't have to babysit at all.

For the moment, our walking time is 9am and we walk for about 2 hours, each day we plan the next, perhaps picking a new route (today we are walking to Walmart to check out decorations for a ladies luncheon at church and then will also walk the neighborhood some) or adjusting the time to meet the schedule of the day. We aim for walking all 5 weekdays. If, for some reason, my friend is unable to walk or we can't find a time that works for us both, I can always pop Ruthie in the stroller and she can walk with me that day.

While working on clearing out my cutting area (I tend to toss things there to get them out of the way) I found an old project I had pulled out a while back. There really was very little left to finishing the top so I decided to go ahead and do that rather than find somewhere to store it, still unfinished.

I still have some organizing to do in my sewing room. I try to do it often enough so that it is not too big or overwhelming of a job. It's also much nicer to work in there when it's organized!

So today the plan is to organize in the sewing room, finish the topper, prepare for basting the album quilt, and maybe even hand quilt a bit on the flower quilt, which has been sadly neglected with the warmer weather here. And of course the usual several sinks full of dishes, couple loads of laundry and various kid tasks and chats that occur throughout the day.

Comfortably busy and full of things that make me content, a lovely way to spend the day!

Happy Quilting!

Sue and Ruthie


Marilyn R said...

Congrats on finishing a UFO! It is beautiful!

loulee1 said...

Well you're all great and positive, makes me feel baaad.

Your UFO looks interesting. Black white and red always draws my eye.

Walking with Ruthie sounds like a great idea, I used to go for miles and miles behind my kids prams.

Have a good day.

tirane93 said...

that's a great top! bold and simple - makes my quilting fingers itchy! how will you quilt it?