Saturday, April 5, 2008

Small Miracles

I had one today. I was greedily hoping for two, but the second seems not to be forthcoming.

The missing miracle was a fix to my van. A friend of my daughter's graciously offered to fix it for us, but so far has been unable to solve the problem. We are likely many weeks, if not months, away from affording a mechanic to fix it, so we're a little disappointed, though very grateful to this young man who has given up his Saturday afternoon to try to help us out. I don't believe he's given up, but will need to consult with another friend who has more training and experience. He had high hopes of getting it running and then moving it to his well-lighted and well-stocked garage to do the brakes.

I stayed up late sewing last night. I was working on the album quilt for my parents' anniversary. I made a nice dent in the blocks. I was thinking while I was sewing and knew that I'd have a good amount of time today and again tomorrow for sewing. I started to think about my poor, disabled machine that I've been missing so dearly. I had decided some time ago that I would try again to fix it before giving up and bringing it somewhere (again, a fix that would have to wait) and I decided last night that today would be the day.

I pulled it out of the rolling case it resides in when not in use and started going through the motions. I knew I had done everything I knew how to do the first time around and even tried to turn the knob a few times over the last 3 months to no avail

I plugged it in, heavy hearted, and tried to turn the wheel...which still wouldn't move. I pulled out the bobbin casing and stepped on the foot pedal, expecting the buzz that happens when the machine won't move and then the stop of the buzz that indicates the machine is protecting itself by disengaging. BUT, IT MOVED. The needle popped up and stopped. I gingerly stepped on the pedal and watched as the needle moved effortlessly up and down. Could it really be? With fumbling fingers I replaced the bobbin casing, put in a bobbin and threaded the machine and watched with glee as it sewed perfect stitch, the motor quietly humming along.

So, my baby is BACK and I'm a happy camper. I only have 5 more album blocks to make, I hope to finish those tonight. I'll probably wait until tomorrow to put it all together. I really need to try to get to bed at a decent time tonight as I have to sing tomorrow and that means dressing up more than I might on a Sunday and getting out of the house earlier for practice. I'm afraid if I start the assembly that I won't want to stop!

While I was busy sewing this afternoon, Lucas went outside with Ruthie, who was quite happy to be out. As the ground dries up she'll be out a lot more, but today, she was happy to be out for a little while and testing her skill on the slide in our yard. She quickly remembered how to maneuver up the steps and did this quite a few times, big brother closely behind her as she worked her way up.

We just got an update on our van, they've ruled out a few things but still feel hopeful they will get it running, maybe even this weekend, which would really be great. In any case, I'm thankful for these young men who so willing do for others in a day and age where selfishness abounds.

Here are the blocks that are finished so far, I'm hoping to post a picture of the finished top by tomorrow night!

Unfortunately the last van update isn't sounding so good, it could be a major mechanical problem which I assume isn't likely to be fixed sitting in our driveway. We could be van-less for quite some time, but so far we've managed to get where we need to go, I'm sure that will continue.

For now, I need to run, dinner is just about ready and I've said all I wanted to for today. This evening, I'll think positive thoughts and finish the last of my blocks.
Happy Quilting!


Bren said...

WOOHOO!! So glad your machine is working. Still could be a miracle on the van!! Don't lose hope.
Ruthie and Lucas look like they had a blast outside. My kids did too and we are all SO tired!

Catherine said...

Glad your machine is working -- and I'm amazed at how many blocks you've got done so quickly.

loulee1 said...

How great that big bruv is so kind and attentive to Ruthies needs, you are very lucky, he is a credit to you. Many older siblings would just walk away.

Great that you got your machine going again, hope the van is going soon too.

MikKnits said...

Great news about your machine. Such a nice surprise when we can get things working again on our own. Great progress on the quilt. Looking good so far! I'm thinking positive thoughts on the repair of your van. I know how much of a relief that will be once fixed. Take care!