Friday, November 21, 2008

Hunting Weekend Update - Day 1

It was a long haul getting here. Right after my last post I got hit with a bout of the flu like I've never had. It started with a tightness in my chest, a horrible cough, a fever and bodyaches and I'm really just feeling myself again.

As the Mom, there are still things that need to be done. It was Ruthie's birthday on Sunday, so no hiding in bed that day.

All that got done last weekend was what was absolutely necessary. I had a whole list of things that I wanted to have ready for me to work on this weekend, so each day that ticked away without me making any progress made me a little sad.

Finally Wednesday I was feeling well enough to get some work done. I did the cutting for Noah's quilt. He's the little boy I babysit for and I've decided to make him a quilt for Christmas. I also unsewed the border on the quilt that I want to baste so it's ready for a new border.

The Posy and Celtic quilt will not be put together this weekend as the blocks aren't done. That was my biggest disappointment from being sick all week, as I had planned to have them done by the time everyone left.

They finally got on their way about 3:20, nearly an hour late because my husband's work van broke down on the way to the job we do together. The transmission went out and we can't afford to fix it...and even if we had enough it's not worth dumping that much money into a beater van. So again, I'm carless as he'll need my van for work until we come up with something else. We may fix our mini-van, but I'm sure that won't happen until after the holidays if that's the route we go. If we do that, he'll still be using our full sized van as he has equipment to carry along and I'd be driving the minivan (which I love.)

I spent all day Wednesday making food for them to take along, Thursday I made a big batch of this for nibblers for us. Meals will be quite easy this weekend, except for a bit nicer meal Sunday, so I can make the most of sewing time. For our first day I bought fried chicken from the Meijer deli (so good!)

I'm keeping a nice crystal bowl of my nibblers nearby, unless I start to gorge on them. So far, a piece here and there is all it took to keep me satisfied and I'm so focused on my sewing that I'm having to remind myself to eat. Keeping my portions reasonable has been quite easy, what with being sick and now being busy. I'm hoping to move into the holidays with some good habits in place.

As for the sewing, I started the day with all the pieces cut for Noah's quilt and ended it (at 2am) like this. The last two seams to sew to finish up the blocks are being worked on right now, while I wait for pictures to load. My machine is acting up, though, so I'm having to make some adjustments before I can move on. I'm hoping to be rolling along again soon. I have a huge list of things I hope to get done today and tomorrow and I feel like I have an extra day. All day yesterday felt like Friday, so it's Friday again!
Off I go. I'm hoping to update at the end of each night or first thing the following morning. Stay tuned!


scraphappy said...

Ahh, a whole weekend to devote to sewing! What a gift. I hope you make lots of great progress.

Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

Sue, so sorry you got so sick. I know how you were looking forward to getting things ready for hunting weekend. I am glad you are feeling well now. Enjoy your time to sew while the hunters are gone. I really envy you! LOL! Have a great weekend. =) Karen

Happy late birthday to Ruthie!

~Bren~ said...

Happy BIG 4 to Ruthie!!
I look forward to seeing your progress each day!

Connie W said...

So sorry that you were sick. Give Ruthie a birthday hug from me, ok?
She is so cute with her cake. I hope you are feeling all better now.