Monday, November 10, 2008

I Lied

I said my next post was going to be about hunting weekend, but there have been a couple of posts since then and here is another. There has been so much going on all of a sudden that I haven't gotten to that one, but it will come in the next day or so as I'm finally starting to focus on it.

The strip quilt is done and has moved on to it's new home. I gave it to my daughter to bring to her boyfriend's house for a couch quilt.

I'm REALLY liking these. They are great scrap users, are really heavy and warm, in part because of so many seams, and they are so easy to make and quilt. I love the back of this one. The strips are 3/4 inches wide and I quilted just next to the seam so the quilting lines are 3/4 inch apart.

I'm hoping to spend a good part of the next couple of days quilting so that I can finish the "joyful" quilt I'm working on by hunting weekend. It's not very big, so this is doable if I spend my usual quilting time.

I have an old project pulled out to quilt on as soon as the current one is finished. The hanger full of binding has been taunting me, it's time to finish up some of those older projects!

I've also pulled out 3 tops that I'd like to baste. I'll probably only have batting for two of them, but we'll see how that goes. With two of them basted, I'll have my winter quilting cut out for me, and there are also a few other smaller things that are already basted and can be quilted, things like placemats and small wallhangings.

I'll finish up with some Ruthie pictures. She asked to have her picture taken in this hat.

And a couple of sleeping pictures. Lucas has one of those backrest things on his bed and she loves that spot during the day if she's watching movies. If it's mid to late afternoon when she works her way up there, I can be pretty sure she'll fall asleep. Usually I know if she's fallen asleep just because of the length of time she's quiet, but other times she'll take a short cat nap. That is usually followed by her coming out of her room, sleepy-eyed and smiling, saying "eep" (sleep) to tell me she'd just taken a nap.

She was completely out of it for this nap!

I'm finally feeling like the cloud is being lifted. We still have work to do around here and things that need to be taken care of, but the return of the van, the fixing of our furnace (I was relighting the pilot during the night all last winter, by the end of the winter I was having trouble lighting it at all) and a few other positive things, I'm cautiously optimistic that things are on the upswing, after 8 or so long years of difficulty. Time will tell! In the meantime, I have quilts calling my name and the next couple of days should afford me a fair amount of quilting time. Time to get to it!
Sue and Ruthie


Mary said...

Ruthie is adorable! Those glasses...Hollywood all the way!
Love your string quilt, using such thin strips makes it all the more interesting.

Linda said...

I so love your Ruthie pictures! She's just a doll. I'm happy to hear life "may" be improving. I'll cross my fingers for you!
Lurking Linda

~Bren~ said...

Your strip quilt is wonderful!!! I am sure it is appreciated in it's new home.
Ruthie is such a darling!!
I think I need to move back there...things went south for you after I moved away! ;o) I am glad things are looking up. God is faithful.

scraphappy said...

Your strip quilt is fabulous. What a great way to use everything up.

Winona said...

Sue, I love your strip quilt. Your quilting is wonderful. I do love to see the backs. Ahh, Ruthie is adorable as always. Glad things are looking up. Winona

Marilyn R said...

I love your strip quilt! The more fabrics in a quilt the better (as far as I am concerned)!

Tracy said...

The sleeping pix are priceless!