Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Favorite Kind of Day

We have a snowstorm moving in. I LOVE the snow. We have all the curtains wide open so we can watch the snow. It seems that in the last few years most of the really big snowstorms happened during the night, so I missed the pleasure of watching the snow.

I have a movie on my DVD player, the quilting on the table runner well under way and I'm baking cookies because of a 'challenge' on the bulletin board I frequent. Here is the finished product. I'll be baking these for another hour or two and I might have bananas that need to be made into banana bread, so that will get done today, too.

It's looking like we will all be home for dinner today (a rarity these days) and one of the kids' friends might be here, too. I'm making barbequed chicken wings, which is an afternoon project as I have 8 pounds of wings to fry. I cook them in small batches, but can quilt while each batch is in. I'll add to that oven fries and salad, and perhaps either corn cakes or homemade rolls and the meal will be complete.

My men are out hunting today, so far they haven't gotten anything. They've seen quite a few, but our oldest hasn't even gotten a shot. My husband and middle son have seen many, and even took a few shots but my husband thinks that his scope is off...the deer didn't even look up so he had to have missed by a lot!

With the storm coming in, there is often a lot of movement as the deer feed and prepare to hunker down for the storm. It's supposed to be all over by late tonight, and much warmer and sunny tomorrow which bodes well for them if they don't get anything today as deer often move around after a storm as well.

As for me, I'll quilt as much as possible between batches of cookies and chicken wings. This table runner should be finished in the next couple of days and I'll be onto the next one. I may just finish my humbug bags first so they are not left until the last minute.

Happy Quilting!

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Sweet P said...

I'm with on snow storms. I love, love, love snow storms. My idea of a perfect day is waking up to snow falling, staying inside all day while sewing, watching the snow fall and enjoying DH's company. The storm you had is supposed be here now and isn't, but it will be when I get up in the morning and have to drive to work. :( I'd rather stay home and sew.