Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Really, has only a day passed??

I can't believe my last post was yesterday, it seems like several days have passed as I've squeezed so much into yesterday and now today. These are Spritz cookies that I made on Sunday. I'm on cookie number 8 of 10 now. Tomorrow I might have time to bake one kind, but the plan is to complete my shopping then. It will depend on when I get home and how much energy I have left if I'll bake at all tomorrow.
As I was looking at email yesterday afternoon, I found one telling me the only gift I ordered online was not going to be shipped as it was out of stock. This was a much wanted item from our oldest daughter's list and I had no idea where to even find one locally...and now not much time to do so.

I looked into ordering from somewhere else online, but at this late date the shipping cost as much as the item and I was hoping it wouldn't come to that. I searched the sites of some local stores and found a couple that SAID the item was in stock in the store (though the internet site had also said the item was in stock, so I was skeptical.)

I was supposed to go to a quilting bee last night and was debating whether or not to go before this. I could sew at home without having to pack up all my supplies and could bake cookies while I do it. Now with this extra shopping, the decision was made. I took our 15 year old daughter along to drive, she's got her driver's permit and needs night time driving hours.

Thankfully, I found the item at the first stop and our oldest daughter will be thrilled on Christmas morning. While out, we picked up a few other things.

We didn't get home until 9pm. I glanced around when I walked in...I didn't see Ruthie, her door was open so she wasn't in bed. I asked my sons if she was with them. No. I had a split second of panic as I asked Rebekah where she was...she pointed her finger...oh my. Our dolly was asleep among her dollies.

I decided I could still bake one kind of cookie even though it was getting late. The dough was made and chilling in the refrigerator. These are called Cream Cheese Snowcaps and have a lovely lemon flavor and a double coating of powdered sugar.

Today, thankfully, was a "home" day. After my morning exercise I started baking and am still going now. This next cookie is called Buried Cherry. It's a soft chocolate cookie with a maraschino cherry half hiding under the "frosting." This is our oldest son's favorite cookie. Each year, I ask them all which ones we have to be sure to make, this one gets chosen every year.

This next one is Lucas' favorite, they are M & M cookies.

I'm still baking, the last one for the day are chocolate chip and mixed nut, I still have at least a couple of hours of baking ahead.

As cookies baked, I worked on this for a friend for Christmas. I have one in progress for me, too, and hope to get it finished sometime tonight or tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my usual errand day so I'll be grocery shopping first thing in the morning. Once the food is home and put away, I"ll be heading out to finish my Christmas shopping (I hope, anyway.) I have a pretty detailed list so it's just a matter of going out to get things, but I'm still anticipating it taking most of the afternoon.

I'm now in the marathon worker state of mind. I often do this when there is a lot to do...I work like crazy until it's finished so there is a day or two of downtime before the actual event. I find I can enjoy it much more if I'm not working right up until the last minute...we'll see what the next few days bring!

For now, I'm off to finish these cookies and clean up my kitchen, it looks like a tornado hit it after 10 hours of baking. Though I did do some cleaning as I go, there is still work to be done before the day is over and I can relax a bit.



Bren said...

I am doing grocery shopping and finishing up Christmas shopping tomorrow too. YUK...I just want to stay home and sew. I love Angel's mat! It is gorgeous! She will love it. Does yours look the same?
That would be scary to lose Ruthie among her dolls. She was the cutest one by far.

Marilyn R said...

8 out of 10 cookies baked - you are amazing! I'm way behind on Christmas this year. Ugh! Time to get cracking!

CONNIE W said...

Aah, Ruthie looks so cute there sleeping with her dolls!

Andrea said...

Your blog is making me hungry - all those gorgeous cookies - yummy ! Litttle Ruthie looked so sweet in amongst her babies. aaww !

Tamara said...

Ah How I missed doing my Christmas cooking this year. Your cookies look very scrumptious. Ruthie does look so angelic sleeping there with her dolls.