Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Beautiful Summer Day

Our Memorial Day was lovely. I woke up tired and it was gloomy and chilly, but the forecast promised a warm day and that's what I planned for. I dressed accordingly and the weather warmed up nicely. I puttered around in the morning, did a bit of sewing and around noon began working on our afternoon barbeque.

On holidays, we generally eat our big meal mid-afternoon or so because I want the bulk of the work to be over early. We ended up eating about 4:15, all of our children AND my husband home(a rarity these days) and the girls' boyfriends as well. The food was laid out on the table inside, we fixed our plates and took them out. Typical barbeque fare of burgers, bratwurst, hot dogs was accompanied by homemade onion rings, sauerkraut, baked beans, and cole slaw and lots of fun conversation.

Rachel's boyfriend left shortly after dinner, Rebekah and her boyfriend left a while later to go watch a hockey game. I started a fire in the firepit and gradually got the meal aftermath cleaned up. We sat out until dark, enjoying the warm breeze and the crackling fire.

Ruthie got dutifully dirty, in her navy blue halter dress with flags and her bare feet. After a nice bath in the kitchen sink (she still doesn't like the big bathtub) she was clean and snuggly and ready for bed.

Today is a new day. It's cold here, only 43 right now and I'm hoping to get a lot done. I don't have anywhere to go today and have set my sights on Friday night, when I'm getting together with a friend for a sewing night. I have two bags that I need to make for friends and I decided if they are not done by Friday night, they will be the first priority then. That got me moving on the bags, since I have another project I'd really like to work on that night. One bag is nearly finished, but I don't have enough batting for the other. I may figure my grocery list early so that I can run to the store later or in the morning and get that one done, too. I can work on drafting and cutting pieces today as this next bag is a combination of two different ones and I haven't quite figured out what I need to do to make all the elements work.

When not working on bags, I'll quilt on the album quilt or applique on the next topper. I finished another on Sunday, so 7 are done, I have 9 left to do. I may mark some more backgrounds for toppers, too, as I'm working on the last marked one now.

Dinner tonight is easy, just waffles, fruit, and bacon, so it really does leave this day wide open for me and it's totally up to me how productive it is. I'd better get moving!

Happy Quilting!



Bren said...

look at that hair!!!! I normally see Ruthie with her hair up. I can't believe how long it is. My your household has changed in the past year...all those boyfriends!!!

Teresa said...

Sounds like you had a very nice day. I was looking at some of your quilt pictures and your hand quiltin is amazing. How long does it take you to quilt a full size quilt? I always ponder when people ask me that question as I never just sit and work on one quilt, so I have no idea how long it takes - but just lookin at your quilts, it would take me year or more to do the quilting. They are just beautiful!