Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Isn't this a fine kettle of fish!

I had a whole post written out but I couldn't post pictures so I left it here to come back to. When I tried to reload, it was gone and no draft was saved, so I'm starting over.

First off, I need help! I'm not sure I can let people sign the front of the album quilt, which sounds ridiculous since that's what it's for! Instead I'm thinking of putting a nice motif in the middle of each block and using the back like a guest book and having everyone sign there instead. What do you honest!

I'm hoping to squeeze a lot into today. I've taken a walk, bought Mother's Day cards and got them into the mail, laundry is going and I'm just about to have lunch.

Once I've eaten, I need to make my grocery list, which will be a challenge this week with it being Rachel's birthday and Mother's Day. I'm hoping to finish the rest of the pincushions, they are all ready to stuff with sand and then close. I have two bags to make and hope to get a start on one or both of those as well. Hand quilting has taken a backseat lately, but I really need to get going on the next topper as well, it's in the hoop and ready for me and small enough not to be too warm in my lap on these humid days.

By the end of the weekend I hope to have the album quilt marked and basted, the current topper finished and another ready or nearly ready for the hoop and both bags finished.

Tomorrow, though, very little sewing related work will get done unless I still have energy tomorrow evening. Our tradition for the last several years with our girls, rather than try to pick out what they like, is to take them shopping and out for lunch for their birthdays. It gives us a nice morning/afternoon together and there is no need to return things that they don't care for or because they don't fit. This year, Rachel has opted for breakfast out instead of lunch. We'll then do our grocery shopping, then her birthday shopping and we'll get home in time for a friend and her children to come for the afternoon. My friend sews, so I may get some done then, though the little guy I babysit for will be coming during the visit so I may do more talking than sewing tomorrow, depending on his mood.

After the visit I'll have dinner to make and then the older four kids will be gone for the evening, so it will then be time for me to relax.

Friday will be similar, but the weekend shouldn't be quite as busy. You never know, though, with all that is going on in our house, anything can happen anytime!

Now THIS is tired! The places this child can fall asleep are absolutely amazing.
I've been walking a lot and sometimes I'll take Ruthie along in her stroller. She loves it, but if we walk too long she'll take a little snooze. My other kids would wake up when we stopped, but she will wake up along the way, sit up and smile and begin looking all around again.
Well, I need to run if I expect to make a dent in my long list for the day. I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, productive day!


Bren said...

Oh My Gosh! Ruthie cracks me up!!! Sadly, I know how she feels.

Mad about Craft said...

I wish I was little again, to just be able to take a nap any where, any time.

Marilyn R said...

If you have second thoughts about letting people sign the front of the quilt that is ok, have them sign the back. Either way, this will be a keepsake! Ruthie made me smile at her choice of nap places!

Tyanne said...

Love the picture of ruthie. Amazing that she can fall asleep like that..

I would actually continue with your plan to have people sign the front, I personally think it will be a better keepsake that way, however, it would be gorgeous with a motif, and I do understand the reluctance to have people sign it.

CONNIE W said...

I don't know HOW i missed this adorable pix of Ruthie napping in the doorway! How cutie-patootie is that. Some days I feel I could drop but never have... :) I see it's possible. ;^)