Friday, May 16, 2008

Slow Progress

I feel as though I'm working at a snails pace lately and wonder if I should go back to timing how much time I spend on my quilting. While I think it might be helpful, at the same time I haven't gone through one of these stale periods in a very long time and I know they are usually followed with renewed motivation. I'm hoping for that, and soon, or the timer will have to come back out!

I did finish the quilting on my latest topper and just need to get the binding on. My hope is to get that on sometime today and then relax and sew to the back tonight. I have a busy day today, I babysit from 10 until 3 and during that time have a short cleaning job to do with my husband.

I'm beginning to think that the flower quilt will not be finished before I start on the album quilt. I just cannot make myself work on it at the moment. I'm hoping to turn that around in the next couple of days and just get it done, but if I can't I think I'll have to baste the album quilt and move on. I guess the good part of that is when I am finished with all this anniversary stuff there will be another project with a quick turnaround waiting for me. I just realized that I appliqued these blocks during the winter Olympics, perhaps it's fitting that the quilting be completed during them as well.

Both families are having reunion parties within a week of each other. On August 2nd my family will all be together for my parents' anniversary party. On the 9th, my husband's very large extended family is having a reunion. By the time everyone leaves, the Olympics will have started. We are admitted Olympic junkies. Our TV will be on from the time we rise until we go to bed on whatever channel happens to be hosting at that time of day. During the winter Olympics two years ago, I got TONS of handwork done. We had what we called the "running bowl of popcorn", and chores and meals were done in little fits and bits during commercials. After the stress of the reunions, we are really looking forward to this. Our daughters have already let their new boyfriends know that they are welcome to come here as much of the time as they'd like, but they will be watching Olympics. I expect that Rachel may not be quite as invested this time and I suspect that Rebekah may be watching a fair bit of it on her boyfriends very large, very nice television, but he has already conceded the Olympics weeks since Rebekah has quite happily obliged him play-off hockey.

It's a beautiful, sunny day today. I'm hoping this continues as Ruthie loves to be outside. So far there haven't been many nice days and the ones we have had were preceeded by rainy ones...making the yard wet and muddy and not a very good place to play. I have nice places to sit in both the front and back yards, so perhaps I'll be able to get a little handwork done while the little ones play in the yard.

Maybe I need to start list-making again, that sometimes works to help me muddle through when I'm feeling unmotivated. Today the plan is to sew the binding to the front of the latest topper and finish the applique on the current one. Maybe a more reasonable list will get me going!

So I guess I should run, maybe I can get something (anything!) accomplished before my little charge comes at 10:00.
Happy Quilting!


Marilyn R said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog. I too am looking forward to the Olympics. It is always so much fun to watch and your right, the added handwork time is great!

Teresa said...

A very pretty flower quilt - would love to see the entire quilt...after the Olympics!