Thursday, August 2, 2007

Looking Ahead

As the frame quilt approaches the end of it's time there, I find myself looking ahead to what I want to accomplish for the rest of the year.

I already have a quilt picked out to go into the frame, it will be basted soon...possibly even today depending on how my time goes.

After that I'm finishing two UFOs as Christmas presents. If I have the time figured right, this should leave me plenty of time for other small projects as gifts. I'd love to try my hand at beading, but I tend to put off learning something new (it's easier to just spend the time doing what I know and love.)

So while sitting at my frame, my meandering mind is mulling over Christmas. What I can make that is different, but not too terribly expensive or time consuming. How much I want to stretch myself in the skill department. I have one particular thing I'd love to try, but it involves putting in zippers....something that has given me fits in the past.

While I could sit here and let my mind wander some more, tapping my thoughts through keys on a board, what I need to do is start my stopwatch and let it wander while pulling the needle instead. Something about thinking while quilting makes things seem clearer to me.

And the bonus is I accomplish something at the same time!


Bren said...

I do not fit in a box!! What a cute picture of Ruthie.

homemakerkate said...

Hi! I might fit into a empty refrigerator box.... I dont push myself enough to spend time at my quilting, and I need to if I ever hope to get my UFO's...finished. What I do find helpful (if I DO it, lol) is to write a list everyday or a three day list and divide things into what I can reasonably get done in one day...and still be an attentive mommy. Somedays that list is long sometimes there is just an arrow at the end of the day pointing into the next.
hugs to you