Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm slowly making progress on the ex-frame seems oh so slow now that I'm nearing the end and anxious to be finished. I haven't been working on anything else, not wanting to delay the finish any longer and not wanting to get so caught up in something else that this just sits.

So I grab what spare time I can during this busy week and dream of pulling the first needle full through the new frame quilt, mounted and waiting for me to be ready.

This one will not take long at all, it's not very big and has the advantage of me being ready to start my Christmas quilting so I'll be anxious to get it done in short order.

In and among the errands, etc, yesterday, I did a big clean on my bathroom and kitchen, it feels good that both are neat and nearly sparkly (as sparkly as things get in a nearly 22 year old house.)

My two youngest have had hefty colds. Yesterday morning I was up early in anticipation of babysitting, our 13 and 15 year olds were up as they were going fishing, my husband was about to leave for of course Ruthie woke up, not being used to so much activity in our house early in the morning.

Once things settled down a couple hours later, I realized I hadn't seen or heard her for a bit so I went looking...this is what I found.

I've been thinking about my applique again and think I'll pull out the two latest applique projects and try to muster up some excitement for them. Maybe pulling them out and posting a few pics will get me going. I love to applique and have only hand quilted and done a bit of piecing over the summer. With Autumn on it's way and school about to start, I should become much more productive. We homeschool, so handwork (whether it be quilting or applique) is perfect to sit and do while I'm waiting on kids to finish their pages or come with questions.

Usually I rather dread the start of the school year and the curtailing of the freedom of summer, but this year I feel oddly energized and excited for the start of the year. Perhaps because I'm longing for an end to the humidity! Also, Ruthie is much more self sufficient and able to entertain herself this year, so I should be able to get a lot accomplished this winter. Not only quilting related, but in my house and perhaps there will even be time to pick up one of my old abandoned crafts...I used to love to do counted cross-stitch and would love to pick it up again.....hhhhmmmmm....maybe that's tomorrow's post. Stay tuned!

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