Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Timer is Ticking!

Better get to work!

In talking to Bren about time spent quilting, she told me of some ladies who keep track of how much time is spent each day/month at their craft.

I liked that idea, I think it will make me feel more accountable for my time. There are days I have a lot of time now, with my youngest 2 1/2 and often occupied with her older siblings, but I often spend a good part of that time sitting at the computer. While I don't feel it's wasted time, I think it's sometimes too MUCH time.

So here's my attempt to be a better steward of my time and to increase the amount of time that I actually spend quilting and not just thinking "I should be quilting"

I was thwarted for a few minutes as to how to keep track of this time. Checking a clock and writing down times every time I sit down and get up again would never work as I often don't sit for long at once. I remembered the stopwatch on my cell phone, made sure I could stop and start the time without it resetting and was ready to start timing.

I'm excited about this latest challenge as I'm coming up on the time where I need to really buckle down on my quilting. I have a quilt nearly ready to go in the frame and after that one will be two for Christmas presents. If I can focus and spend more time quilting and less time thinking about it, those will be done early enough to make some other things as gifts also.

I've also decided to list my finished tops and completely finished projects in my sidebar. I started keeping track last year during the top challenge that Bren and I did and decided to keep that going each year. I'm glad that I did because trying to recall what was done in months past was pretty difficult, I like having that tangible evidence of work finished.

So after a few adjustments to my blog page, my timer will be ticking....and hopefully getting quite a workout today!

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Bren said...

Good for you. If I kep track of the time I spend on the computer I would be horrified. I need to limit that, maybe with an egg timer. 15 min alottments several times a day.