Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Moving On!

I did very little quilting yesterday despite my plans to spend a good portion of my day at it. I sometimes find the day after I finish a big project, especially if I really spent a lot of time and energy finishing it, that I can't focus on a different project. Sometimes the problem is the project that I decided was next isn't inspiring me enough to spend time on it.

I told myself I'd finish piecing the strip block top when I wasn't hand quilting, but I just don't feel like machine work right now. When I realized that, I pulled out the two projects that are in the works, in addition to quilting on the frame quilt. To the right is the alternating block. This one is really fun to quilt on, the long lines with gentle curves make it relaxing and enjoyable.

The other blocks are appliqued flowers. They are scrappy and were great fun to work on. These are just outlined, with a triangle quilted in each corner. I expect this one will go rather quickly, the quilting is simple and it's not a huge quilt, it measures 60 x 60.

The other projects in the works are two applique quilts. One has considerably less applique per block and it's simpler to do. This one also has flowers and alternating blocks. It's scrappy and there are 32 of these flower blocks alternating with 32 'plain' blocks with a feathered wreath to be quilted on them.

The second applique project is more tedious and is one that I consider more of a long term project. With my Christmas quilting on the horizon, this project is more of a diversion and it will likely be some time before it gets a lot of undivided attention.
There are 13 of these blocks, alternating with 12 flower blocks which are also all white on the blue background. When set together, the idea is that the block shown will "frame" the applique blocks. We'll see if it works! This one will also have an appliqued border.

So there it is! The next few weeks of quilting and applique laid out for me. In that time I'll also be marking and basting the two quilts I need to make for Christmas (the tops have been pulled from my UFO stash.

Also in the works is another slight reorganization of my sewing room. My son wants to add a fish tank stand in his room so has hung all his clothing in his closet so as to move the dresser out and make room. I'm taking the dresser for extra storage and to put a TV on it. My Grandma passed away nearly two weeks ago, we are being given her big screen TV, which leaves one I can put in my sewing room.

Somehow this room is ever changing, it seems I just get it how I think I want it and something else comes up!

Here's to a happy, quilty day for everyone!

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Bren said...

Sue, you did NOT tell me your grandma passed away! I knew she had a stroke. I am SO sorry! My grandma is not doing well.