Friday, September 7, 2007

Busy Days

Yesterday I got quite a bit of hand quilting done and more is on the agenda for today. My plan is to spend all my sewing time quilting today, the frame quilt is getting close to that 'focus on it' point for me and I want to see how far I can get today, though I have some things that need to be done.

Also yesterday, I made another Humbug bag.

It didn't take long at all, they are just SO simple to make. I bought a couple of zippers for the medium sized bag at the store yesterday so now I have at least one zipper to try every size. I'm even experimenting with an extra large to see if they would work well for small backpacks or overnight bags for kids.

I also pulled fabric yesterday... for more bags! I picked an outer fabric and a lining fabric and folded them around the appropriate whenever I feel like sewing one I can pick a packet and go. I might even do the cutting for them all one day so they are even more ready to go...or just do that part one at a time as I'm ready to work on them, I haven't decided yet.

I also spent a lot of time hand quilting and am now to the point I really want to get the frame quilt done and be able to move onto the next one. I still have a ways to go, but some concentrated time will get it done quickly, I hope to have this one done in the next couple of weeks.

My grandma passed away a couple of weeks ago and she has left us her big screen (older model) TV. We have to make room for it in our family room, which is my job today. My husband picks it up tomorrow along with some wooden kitchen chairs and my grandma's sewing machine, which will be cleaned and adjusted and then given to our 18 year old who likes to sew but doesn't have her own machine yet. My Aunt called me yesterday to give me dimensions on the TV (so we know what vehicle to bring) and told me she also has some other household items she hopes I will take, as it turns out most of them are things I've been needing to replace. Receiving them will be such a blessing and a wonderful reminder of my Grandma's generosity right up until she passed.

Our downstairs TV will be going into my sewing room, I made the adjustments in there earlier in the week. Somehow, even though I added a dresser for storage, my sewing room looks bigger...I can't figure it out. I do feel like I have more space, though, making it even more enjoyable to be in there...add the Food Channel for entertainment while I'm sewing and my family will have trouble getting me out of there! LOL.

So today, I plan to spend a fair amount of time hand quilting, it will make a nice break during the organizing downstairs. Of course, my older children are downstairs at the moment playing Playstation games, so the TV will remain where it is for the time later this afternoon, though, I hope to have it moved up to my sewing area (and the necessary organizing finished downstairs) so that I can park myself and quilt for the evening. I'm afraid some of this might take longer that I think it will....wish me luck!

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dot said...

Your quilting looks wonderful. You certainly are going to be busy moving things and making room for new items. I am sorry to hear of your grandmas passing.