Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Sewing Day?

I hope so!

I did my usual Thursday errands yesterday as I needed a few things early, so today I'll be home nearly the entire day. I find when I don't have deadlines to meet, it's easy to fritter away time...and I don't really think there is anything wrong with it, though I find it frustrating because I know I can be so much more productive.

At the quilting bee Tuesday night, I handquilted non-stop for 3 hours (plus had quilted some during the day as well), so my fingers needed a break. I finished up the first dishcloth and am excited about doing more. I've gone through my patterns and picked another to try. I have other things in mind for today, though if I get bored with them or run into trouble I may just put them aside and start a new dishcloth.

My kitchen is red, with pink accents. What did I find at Walmart? Red cotton with pink and white in it...perfect for dishcloths for my kitchen. I bought two balls and will be getting more as I can so my dishcloths will match my kitchen. I also found large cones of it in pretty variegated colors, I'll be buying cones of it to make them for gifts as well.

I'm enjoying the fact that I'm having time to pick up some of the crafts that I used to do. I've been almost exclusively quilting for 15 years, and it would be easy for me to continue this as quilting is by far my favorite, but I do like having other options for gifts or to do during those times I just need a break from quilting. Sometimes after finishing a large project (especially if I spent a lot of concentrated time on it at the end) I need a day or so before starting on the next project.

What I plan to do today (best laid plans and all that) is work on humbug bags. Last week, I took the zippers I had and picked fabric for the outer part of the bag and the lining to go with each zipper and put them in a box. Yesterday I cut them to size along with batting for each. I have an oversize and an undersize zipper, I made up my own size for those bags and had bought two more zippers, so picked and cut fabric for those as well.
I'm a good assembly line worker. Once I know how to execute a pattern, I do the steps on many at once, which not only saves time, it's really fun to do. (I did 17 quilts one Christmas for my nieces and nephews this way and it was a hoot!) Last night, I started to mark the quilting on them, I have several marked now. Today I will set up my machine and quilt the ones that are finished, then perhaps mark the rest (or mark a few at a time, then sew. As marking is tedious to me, that is sometimes better done a few at a time.)
I doubt that I'll get farther than the quilting. Attaching the zipper is still awkward for me and I can only do that when I'm in the right frame of mind. If I get there later, I may assemble a few, too, but if not, I'll begin a new dishcloth or hand quilt some.
Tomorrow I'm spending the afternoon with a friend and the dishcloth or the quilting will come along. It may or may not get worked on, but it will be with me just in case.
And now, I'll set up my machine and get her humming. My house is in good shape, so theoretically this day can be spent sewing. Stay tuned!


Bren said...

Someone just posted a great zipper tutorial. I will send you the link via e-mail. Your dishcloth is BEAUTIFUL!! Love the cotton in red/pink/white.
My birthday is soon....

Valerie said...

I love that red, pink, and white variegated yarn - I bought some when my 2 year old was first born and made her a little hat out of it. Love those colors together! :)

Valerie said...

Oh - and I forgot to add - I know EXACTLY what you mean about liking to switch off from quilting every now and again. My MIL has two quilts and all sorts of wallhangings I've made her - so it's nice to knit her something once in a while, or do something different. I go through about six months out of the year where I'm quilt crazy, then I end up taking a three month break usually before I go back to my quilt craze again! :)