Monday, September 24, 2007

A Productive Weekend!

I feel really charged up after this weekend. My husband and middle son went to a Hunter's Safety Course from 8-3 on both Saturday and Sunday, plus my husband had to work Saturday evening. Our older children had varying activities and were mostly out of the house. I got a LOT done!

Thursday night I started one of the red dishcloths, I finished it Friday morning. I'm loving doing these dishcloths, so I took knitting with me to my friend's house. By Friday night, I had four! These are SO much fun to do. I used every scrap of the red yarn. The first ball made two dishcloths, with about 4 feet of yarn left, with the second ball, I needed that 4 feet to finish the second cloth. Yikes. I know to watch my tension when making these! I found cones of this cotton at Walmart in some nice colors, I'll be buying it from the cone from now on!

Thursday, I spent all day machine quilting the already cut fabrics for Humbug bags, now all I have to do is make the small handle and put them together. That will be done another day.

I spent a fair amount of time hand quilting and was able to finish the hoop quilt. I pulled out my machine to put the binding on and hand sewed it to the front while watching baseball. Since my machine was out anyway, I also sewed the next piece on the geese blocks. Here is the quilt I finished last night.

I have a few things that need to be done today, but should have a fair amount of time to spend quilting. I wouldn't let myself quilt on the new frame quilt until the hoop quilt was finished, so I'm very excited about quilting today.

Time to get to it!


Bren said...

Your dishcloths are wonderful. They look almost exactly like mine. I won't use anything else!
The flower quilt is gorgeous! Makes me want to pull mine much other stuff to do first.

Rose Marie said...

Those discloths are so addictive once you start making them. I usually have one on the go when I'm travelling on the bus/train. Your flower quilt is just lovely.