Monday, September 10, 2007

A Day For Quilting...I Hope!

I had a really busy weekend, trying to find room for the new (to me) things that came from my Grandma's house. In the process, I've gone through most of the kids' toys and a bunch of clothing in our bedroom and purging things that aren't needed or wanted any more. I couldn't find a way to get the picture any lighter, but you can sort of see the big screen TV in the center of the picture.

We had to move the TV stand that was in it's place out of the room (it's currently in the garage, being stored) and the TV that was on it moved into my sewing room. I'm loving this as it's often much easier for me to make myself sit down and work if there is also a show I'm interested far the Food Network has been on most of the time as I also love to cook and glean many ideas from watching these they are entertaining. Somehow the pictures just aren't doing anything justice today, but adding the dresser and the TV to the corner actually opened up the room and makes it seem bigger now, not smaller as I thought it would. We also got some wooden chairs, which have replaced the ones that were at my sewing table, they push in nicer and look more like they belong.

The machine at left was my grandma's, I don't know how long she had it. When my Aunt asked if I wanted it or knew someone who could use it, I pictured one of those green or off-white machines in a sewing table not as sturdy as this one. I didn't expect this very old machine. I turned the flywheel and it turned easily, I have high hopes of it running with a bit of cleaning and oiling. For now, it belongs to my daughter, who doesn't yet have her own machine. Should she ever decide she doesn't want it anymore, I have the perfect place for it.
Another thing that made it's way to my house is Grandma's pots and pans. They are all in wonderful condition, two dutch ovens, two small saucepans, two frying pans, and a really nice 3 quart pot. The couple of pots that I had left that aren't cast iron were in really bad shape, they have already been tossed and the new pots and pans put to use.
As I use these things, it makes me a little sad, yet I know that my Grandma would be so happy to know that I cherished and was using these things of hers. That it meant enough to my Aunt to try to get as many of her things distributed to family members to use rather than to just get a dumpster and clear out her house. I'm sure she's struggling with having to clean out her mother's house, bless her heart.
So after my weekend of cleaning, organizing and moving furniture, I'm happy to take this day to mostly quilt. There is nothing that should get in my way today and I realized I have only four blocks left to quilt on the frame quilt. Then a 2 inch border and it will have to come out of the frame for the outer border. I guess it's time to make sure I have batting and backing for the next quilt to go in!
It's chilly here and perfect quilting weather, I've been quilting through heat and humidity for weeks and am reveling in the cool air coming through the doors. My quilt is calling me, it's time to answer!

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Sweet P said...

What wonderful items to get from your grandma. I hope you had a good time quilting today.