Wednesday, September 12, 2007

That's It, I Have To Stop

declaring sewing days! LOL. Despite my best intentions, days that I feel like were set aside to mostly sew get cluttered up with other things.

I did finally finish the blocks on the frame quilt, though and one side of the inner (2 inch) border is done, also. I'm hoping to get that border finished today, it will then come off the frame and the outer border (6 inch) will be done in a hoop.

I'm also hoping to poke through my stash and see if I have enough backing and batting to get another basted and on the frame. I know that I have it for one smallish quilt but was really hoping to get one of the Christmas quilts on the frame. I may hold out for a week or so until I can pick up the supplies that I need rather than put one on that will delay my Christmas work.

Soon it will be time to make the Christmas list, making sure I didn't forget anyone. We actually don't buy many gifts for extended family, we exchange names with my husband's siblings and my family doesn't exchange, but I have several friends that I need to have gifts ready for. I'm going to be as organized as possible this year and try to finish everything early so I can really enjoy the holiday week. Usually I work like a fiend right up until Christmas and feel like the week between Christmas and New Years is spent recuperating rather than enjoying the easier week.

I'm also in the process of "Fall Cleaning." With the addition of the items from my Grandma's and the changes we made to incorporate them, I also went through a lot of things and am still not done. The main part of the house is finished, I still have to finish our bedroom and closet and our younger children's bedroom to purge and straighten.

I've decided I'm much better at Fall Cleaning than Spring Cleaning. Something about being "in hibernation mode" makes me want the house as clean and organized as possible and I'm getting there...though it's quite a distraction from my quilting! I'm looking forward to it being finished so I can settle into a new routine that includes keeping the house in good shape so a last minute visit from a friend doesn't mean a whirlwhind of cleaning first or embarrassment if they show up at my door unannounced.

So there it is, I guess. I don't have much to say today, I don't want to show pics of my quilt since it's nearly done and I'd prefer to show it in all it's glory. Here is a picture of Ruthie, though, who can (and does) fall asleep anywhere. In this one she found the pillow I made for my swing (we bring it in so it doesn't blow away or get rained on) and took it to the stairs.

We actually let her nap where we find her, usually, as I don't like for her to nap for too long and staying on the couch or chair keeps the nap from being too long because of household noises (waking her early from her nap if she's in a nice quiet room produces a very crabby girl!) We draw the line at sleeping on the stairs, though, LOL, it rather reminds me of a bird sleeping on a perch!

So off I go, to mostly quilt, I hope, and to finish some of my organizing. Tomorrow is garbage day so maybe that's incentive enough to get the unneeded things out once and for all. Happy Day to everyone!

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