Monday, June 18, 2007

It feels like a Monday

Well, it IS Monday and so far my morning is indicative of it. I've spent the last hour or so trying to get this post looking like I want it and now it will just be what it is.....rather oddly laid out, but here.

As I don't really have anything new to photograph, I pulled out some pictures of a whole cloth I did a few years back. I couldn't afford to buy a pre-printed one, so drafted my own. I had great fun doing it and was very pleased with the results. The feathered border pictured below is appliqued on using the same fabric as the background for a textured look.
But back to Monday! Here, Mondays are putzing days for me. After what is usually a busy weekend, kids coming and going (my own and their friends), I try not to plan anything for Monday and instead spend the day quilting and catching up on chores.

It was a particularly tiring weekend here so I think even my quilting will be getting the treatment my chores usually do, done in fits and starts, a little at a time. On my agenda for the day is a good clean of my kitchen, a few loads of laundry and vacuuming, along with the inevitable cooking and dishes.

As for quilting, I can't seem to decide on one thing to do today, so I'll spend some time at my frame, cut some more strips for that new project, and work on the quilt in the hoop as I watch a new show starting tonight. I feel the urge to pull out a couple of old piecing projects, too, projects long forgotten and found during my sewing room reorganization a couple of weeks ago.

So today my Monday is just that...Monday. For us, it's also rather like the first day of summer. This is the first week of our 'summer schedule' and now that I've realized that, I feel a little energized. I know the weeks ahead will be filled with lazy days full of sunshine and happy children, the occasional rain storm and, of course, quilting.


Pieces From Me said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole cloth. I remember its conception!! Along with showing pics of your quilts, you should show your walls you painted to look like quilts. I have forgotten what they look like, but I remember they were great.

Quilt Nut said...


love your quilts! thanx for stopping by my blog :)