Saturday, June 16, 2007

UFO Land

This is the latest of my completed UFO's, I finished it last night. (The head and legs holding it up are Lucas, who will be 7 next month.) I won these blocks at a guild meeting (we did a monthy raffle block drawing) and the quilt was nearly done. Why did it get put aside? I don't remember anymore.

I did a UFO program at our guild once (actually twice, several years apart) and I had each person bring an old UFO and tell it's story and I gave them ideas on how to get them finished and out of their sewing room...everything from budgeting some time just for UFO's to giving them away. We had a BALL. As the UFO's got older, the stories got funnier and we all left that day thinking about those old projects.

One woman had her very first quilt...still undone...from 30 years before. She'd finished many, many since then, but her first remained unfinished. The following month, she came to the guild meeting pleased as punch with her finished first quilt (and a few other finished UFO's as well.)

To this day, many years later, almost every time I run into a member or former member of the guild, I hear about that program and how many quilts they've finished since being a part of it.

So while I have visions of new projects dancing in my head, my hands are firmly planted in UFO Land.