Saturday, June 30, 2007

Waiting in the Wings

I'm on the verge of finishing another UFO. Ten little 2 1/2 inch squares to outline quilt. I'll make the binding and put it on the front, saving sewing it to the back for later as I plan to sit outside and sew for a while on this beautiful summer day.

Already my thoughts turn to the next 'hoop project.' I still have a few smaller UFOs floating around here, I'll be choosing from one of them. I can't quite remember what I even have left anymore so was looking into the side of the finished tops/UFO boxes this morning for some insight. I knew if I opened them up, these 10 little squares would get put off until later so I've vowed not to look any further until these squares are quilted and the binding is sewn to the front.

I started a new habit which has served me well, but unfortunately I started AFTER making this quilt. I make the binding for all my quilts when the top is finished, so that when I'm ready to bind I can just pick it up and go. (This also ensures that I won't inadvertantly use the fabric meant for the binding on another project!) I have the binding on hangers that are hung on a pole mounted under the bottom shelf in my sewing room, so it's easily accessible. It's also a sometimes scary reminder of how much quilting I have here waiting for me! I think included in my day will be labeling those boxes so I know what tops are in there since I have to dig them out to find a new project.

I have a friend who got rid of her quilting supplies, she always wanted to quilt but never really quite got into it. She brought me a couple of storage boxes and in it were some nice yardage pieces along with 8 yards of 90 wide muslin and two twin sized batts. My next two frame projects will be governed by the batting size...most of my quilts are bigger than that but I do have a few smaller ones waiting to be finished.

I thought I'd chosen the next 3 tops to be done, but am finding that one of them isn't exciting me...that one I think will be heading back to the boxes and replaced with something else. The next project to be quilted is marked and waiting for a day when I feel like basting...or when the frame quilt is getting so close to the end that I get itchy to get the next one ready!

So today, while finishing that UFO, labeling boxes, choosing the next hoop project, and hand sewing binding I'll also be day-dreaming of the next project to be quilted...and the next and the next and the next. Because somehow finishing another project gives me hope that someday there won't be such a big stack of tops waiting for my attention.

Of course, I also have several tops in the we can see where this is going!


Kelvin said...

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Pieces From Me said...

Boy you are on a UFO mission!!! Is one of the flower quilts going in the hoop or frame soon??

Joanne said...

I have the same problem -- too many tops, not enough time! And all I want to do is start something new! I did spend part of my day hand quilting outside today -- it was fabulous. You've inspired me!

homemakerkate said...

I was so happy to find your blog! Why you ask??? I too am on a Mission to Eliminate my UFO's! This is a vow I made to myself at the begining of the year, that by the years end I would be done..ok maybe not the Dear Jane (that could take a life time). I am so glad that I am not alone!
I have finished 4 quilts so far this year.
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