Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let There Be Light(s)

It seems to be the year of the light in our house. For Mother's Day, I wanted a cord of wood so I could have fires in our firepit whenever I wanted all summer long.

For Father's Day, my husband wanted a headlamp for hunting, and a headlight for his bike so he could ride it to work (he comes home after dark.)

For my birthday, I wanted a new ceiling fan for our bedroom. The light shorted out in ours some time ago, and we've had very little light in our room since. Monday, we picked up the ceiling fan and our oldest helped to install it.

It's been so nice to be able to see well in there again! I'm noticing a need for good light whenever I want to do something, so I'm showing some of the ways I keep my work areas lit.

The other thing that I wanted for my birthday is a clip on light. I love to sit outside on nice summer evenings and quilt by the firepit. Too often I'm not ready to be done quilting and it's starting to get dark, so I found this little gem, it arrived today. I tried it out at a friend's house, it lights the area pretty well, the flexible neck is very pliable, yet stays put so as I move my hoop around it was quite easy and fast to adjust the light. I'm going to invest in some rechargeable batteries, because this little light of mine will be getting a workout! I have a couple of areas in my house that I'd like to be able to quilt occasionally but the light just isn't adequate.

Another light I can't do without is my Ott Light. I bought it on retreat last year and it was well worth the investment. It mostly stays by my quilting frame, but is small enough to put into my sewing machine case when I go to sew with a friend. I sometimes move it to my table, too, when I need extra light for a project.

Another I have grown to depend on is this light on the wall. It actually has a strap so I can wear it around my neck. I don't use it that way very often as it's quite cumbersome, but it's fantastic when I need a lot of light concentrated right in front of me. Mostly it stays mounted on the wall in the sewing area in our bedroom, it throws light onto my work from the left so that there aren't any shadows cast over what I'm working on.

Another light I depend on is over my cutting table. I not only cut and plan here, but have a desk pad calendar that I keep here and I plan my days/weeks on it. I can often be found standing here making a list or mulling over my latest project.

And just for fun, my favorite little accent lamp. I love snowmen and ended up collecting them because I had so many friends buying them for me. This lamp has a tiny little light in the top and the snowman glows different colors.

And now, though it is still light outside, it is also warm and muggy. We're going to park ourselves in our nice, cool family room for the evening and my new little light will be joining me. My hoop project is nearly finished, another day or so to go, so that will be first priority until it's finished...and then it will be time to bring out another UFO from the storage boxes.

Happy quilting!


Pieces From Me said...

As I am getting older I am realizing just how important light is. I sit at the end of the couch to hand quilt and have to tip the shade on the lamp to get good light, and then it is too glaring for whoever is on the other end of the couch...sweet hubby. I LOVE the little light you just got. Where did you get it and how much?? The ceiling fan is wonderful. Tell J he did a great job!

Belvie said...

Your ceiling fan is very nice. I use mine a lot and couldn't live without it.

Enjoyed your "light show". As my eyes grow older, I need more light and I'm always on the lookout for good lighting for my quilting habit.

Linda said...

A little birdie tells us it's your birthday today Sue. So happy Birthday, I hope it's filled with all the people that you cherish and adore.

Quilting Mama said...

Thanks everyone, the little light came from the Keepsake Quilting catalog. Well worth the price (only $12.99 plus s/h)

I used it quite a bit yesterday and it worked great.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Thursdays are often odd days here, we all won't be here at the same time until about 10:45 tonight!

Pieces From Me said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Suuuuuueeeee
Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Sunny said...

Hi Sue!!! I am browsing through your archives...I have this same little snowman light! Little things like that make me and my 2 youngest kiddos *sew* happy!