Friday, July 20, 2007

Mixed Bag Day

Today is going to be one of those days. While I would really love to spend the whole day quilting, I have a few other things that really should be done.

One of them is freezing beans from our ample garden. I do NOT have a green thumb and don't particularly like to work in the dirt. My husband, on the other hand, could make rocks grow and has passed that down to our middle son. Jonathan is the one pressing each spring to work on the garden, he does a lot of the planning on what to plant and where it should go (with his Dad's help.) He's right there along side Mike as they turn the soil and plant the seeds. Jonathan waters daily when it doesn't rain and does some of the weeding (this isn't his favorite thing to do, I liken it to basting and binding for quilters.)

He's harvested many green onions, dozens of radishes and a hot pepper. The cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen and yesterday, he brought me three bowls full of beans.
One I'll leave out for the weekend, the other two will be blanched and frozen and saved for other days. This is only the beginning, I hear, there are many more bowls of beans to come.
Also on the agenda today is baking cookies. I've started baking in triple batches and then I have a chance of my baking getting us through the week.

While the cookies are baking, I'll be making a pillow and then will probably spend some time at the frame and some time at the machine today. I'm sure that I'll get far less quilting done than I'd like with so much else to do, but even a few minutes here and there will make some progress. Perhaps by this evening, the work of the day will be finished and I can sit and relax, a fire in the firpit, some handwork in my lap and maybe I'll even take a few stitches on it. Does anyone else do this? I'll sometimes sit with work in my hands, too tired to stitch but comforted by the feel of the fabric and the idea of sewing.

Here's to a productive, and hopefully not too tiring, day!


Belvie said...

Mmmm!! Green favorite veggie. All you need is a few new potatoes, a little ham or bacon bits, and a bowl full of those green beans...all cooked up in a pot together. Makes me hungry!! Your garden looks wonderful and so nice that your son is into gardening.

Bren said...

Man your garden is BIG. Jonathan does a great job! Isen't that stuff Belvie is talking about called "Slumgolian"? I am sure I spelled that wrong but just say it like it sounds.