Thursday, July 5, 2007


How do you find some?

My last few days have been busy with non-quilting things. Monday I built tables and quilted a bit in the evening. Tuesday I did some getting ready for 4th of July company and did a tiny bit of quilting and yesterday I did something nearly unheard of in my house...I didn't quilt at all.

I woke up today feeling rather uninspired. I'm tired. I have to go grocery shopping before I do anything else. Because of how little quilting time I've had in the last few days, my plan was to spend as much time as possible today and tomorrow quilting. Then I remembered the shopping and deflated a bit. I lay in bed this morning disappointed as I thought "I don't really feel like quilting" but knowing that I really WANTED to feel like it.

I started thinking about how much is left on my current hoop project. I felt the inspiration creeping up on me. If I spend a fair amount of quilting time today, I could possibly get the inside done and only have the border left to do. That would mean another UFO done by the weekend...and choosing another to work on. Inspiration is becoming more pronounced now.

I thought about the books I looked through yesterday between chores and dessert making. I thought of the window seat that I was inspired to build looking through them and all the ideas swirling around for more quilts. Inspiration is beginning to make me smile and feel more ready for my day.

I remembered that I decided on deli fried chicken for dinner today (I make menus before I shop) figuring I wouldn't feel like much cooking after the last couple of days....and now inspiration is surging through me. Rather than a looming chore ahead, grocery shopping is now feeling more like a blip in my day and a way to organize my thoughts and days ahead.

I also remembered that my nearly 7 year old, the one most likely to say "I'm bored" and "I have nothing to do" has a playdate scheduled this afternoon. I checked the Cubs schedule and there is a game on at 6:00 tonight. Our 4 older kids will be gone for the evening by then, Lucas will be happy to play the PS2 game his brother accidentally rented and Miss Ruthie is usually content to wander back and forth between whoever happens to be home and is pretty good at keeping herself occupied. I really enjoy quilting during baseball games (I spent many a childhood afternoon in my Dad's lap watching baseball and I'm a diehard Cubs fan.) Inspiration is now making it difficult for me to sit in this seat and anxious to get going.

When it comes to quilting, I find I can motivate myself pretty easily. The visuals all around me (there are quilts and quilting everywhere in my house) and ticking off in my head what projects are in the works or just ahead is often enough to get the inspiration flowing, which is what has happened today.

I woke up feeling like I didn't want to get out of bed and afraid that tomorrow night I'd be kicking myself for wasting these two days of anticipated quilting time...and now I can hardly wait to begin my day.

And so I will! Happy quilting!


Su Bee said...

What a great post -- like watching the gears in your head go round and round. Funny how inspiration comes and goes like that.....

Pieces From Me said...

You crack me up! And you are right, a day without quilting in your house is very rare.