Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Ticket on the UFO Train

So are we tired of talking about UFOs yet? I'm not! I find myself more and more energized by finishing up these old projects. I can think about new ones (and even start them) with a clear conscience because I know I'm also taking care of old business.

I finished the quilting on this one last night and put the binding on this morning. Another mini, but it was still undone and now it's finished.

I dug through my boxes and picked out a few more hoop projects (so I don't have to move things around to get in them too often) and here is my stack of small projects waiting for their turn.

With a few small projects done recently, my frame quilt is getting attention again. I have the next quilt to go in it marked and ready to baste and the next two picked out. After those I'll be finishing two more already done tops for Christmas presents.

I'm really enjoying these "lazy days of summer." I plan each spring to have a summer like this and it usually doesn't end up happening for a variety of reasons. I'm cherishing every day, knowing that all too soon summer will be over and we'll move on to the busy-ness of the school year.

Have a wonderful, quilty summer day!


Pieces From Me said...

Way to go!!! That mini is so cute. I am at my machine today and will grab some hand sewing this evening.

Belvie said...

Your mini quilt is really pretty. Those quilting stitches all look so small and exact! Congrats on whittling down the UFO's.