Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Pressing On

I've had in mind for a while to make a larger pressing surface, for when I have yardage or quilt tops to press. Usually I don't have time to execute my ideas right away and that's often a good thing. This idea evolved a bit during the wait time and I'm really happy with how it came out.

The surface is 54 x 48, covered with a double layer of batting and has muslin on top. I put little braces at each corner underneath so it wouldn't slide when on the table top.

It doubles as a design board, when upright it's a nice size to play around with blocks, patterns, etc. When not in use, it stands up in front of some of the storage boxes, making that area somewhat neater.

In the course of making the pressing surface, since I had the wood and saws out anyway, I also made two tables. (I'm the 'handyman' in the house, I have a table saw, cordless drill and my own toolbox with pink-handled tools.)
One of the tables was for the porch, this area still needs a couple of chairs and a vase of red, white and blue flowers for the table. Ruthie loves to be outside, so I need a place to sit and sew wherever we are. Sometimes it's nice to just sit on the porch and watch the world go by.

My favorite spot to sew in the summer time is my swing out in the backyard. I built this table so I have somewhere put my sewing supplies and something to drink. Before that, I would set the supplies down next to me, but they took space Ruthie often wanted to be in. The backyard table still needs a vinyl cover for the surface, it will protect the fabric from the elements and any food and drink placed there.

Last night, with hands sore from sawing and drilling I enjoyed my little spot in the yard, firepit blazing, quilt in hand, Ruthie giggling beside me. A little piece of heaven, right in my own backyard.


Linda said...

Wow you are a handywoman aren't you Sue? What type of timber did you use for your design/pressing board?
Lovely spot in the back yard for stitching.

Pieces From Me said...

The weather has been perfect for outside sewing. I have sat out in my swing the last 2 days handquilting and doing hand applique. It is a bit breezy today but perfect to sit outside still.

Rose Marie said...

Lucky you to have your own tools. My husband won't let me use his skill saw but I sure can envision all the stuff that I could make with it and scrap lumber. Your pressing table top is great. I have one also, (not as wide as yours) and it is perfect for the wide backings to iron.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I sat outside and embroidered during an outdoor concert. It was the most fun/productive thing I've done in a while.